Homewood Campus Administrator On-Call System

Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus has an Administrator On-Call for students who require emergency assistance throughout the year. The Administrator On-Call is covered by senior staff within the offices under the division of Student Affairs. The on-call system is a collaborative effort between JHU Public Safety, Hopkins Emergency Response Organization (HERO), the Behavioral Crisis Support Team (BHCST), offices within student affairs and when necessary, and the Baltimore City Police Department. The JHU Public Safety team often provide transportation and support to the BHCST Clinicians and the Administrator On-Call when necessary.

To reach the Administrator On-Call, call JHU Public Safety at 410-516-4600, relay the subject of your call and a number you can be reached, and then the dispatcher will have the on-call staff return your call. For emergencies however, calling 911 (if appropriate) or the JHU Public Safety emergency line at 410-516-7777 will dispatch resources and staff immediately.

Role of the Administrator on-Call

The Administrator On-Call is intended to ensure the safety of students and ensure that students receive the appropriate support and outreach needed during a crisis. The Administrator On-Call will respond to emergency student needs and others in the Homewood community to provide immediate response as well as follow-up in the event of a student/campus emergency or crisis. To respond effectively, the Administrator On-Call will follow a series of protocols that provide guidance in responding to incidents. The approach is to respond to the immediate crisis with appropriate resources/measures and then to make sure that follow-up steps are in place, including communication to the appropriate person(s) and providing ongoing support to those in need until the crisis has been resolved.

Role and Scope

The Administrator On-Call may be involved in student matters related to medical or mental health emergencies/crises, incidents of serious injury or death of a student, incidents related to serious physical facility emergencies affecting students, issues related to student conduct, and any other situations that affect the welfare of students. Administrators On-Call are located within a reasonable proximity of campus in the event of an emergency.

This resource is intended to be used for emergency situations only. Some issues which may cause concern for a student will be referred to staff during business hours. For example, issues concerning academic deadlines will be handled between the student and the faculty member the following business day.

Additional Support and Privacy

The Administrator On-Call may receive reports from the JHU Public Safety team regarding incidents which occur on campus. In these incidents, they will reach out to the affected student(s) to help provide additional support and/or connect them to the best resources.

The Administrator On-Call will serve to communicate with other members of the campus and community to help clarify issues, and assist in resolutions. This role may be responsible for ensuring the fair treatment of a Hopkins student.

The Administrator On-Call will adhere to FERPA regulations and maintain the privacy of our students. Only those campus partners who need to assist with responding to the incident will be informed of the student name and limited information.

The Administrator On-Call may have to report additional information to designated offices, as all University employees in the on-call system are considered mandatory reporters, per the Johns Hopkins University Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures.

Important Phone Numbers

Medical Resources

Counseling/Mental Health Resources

  • Mental Health Services: 410-516-8278 (Press 1 to reach the on-call counselor 24/7). Serves Homewood and Peabody students
  • Behavioral Health Crisis Support Team (BHCST): 410-516-WELL (9355). Serves individuals on and around the Baltimore campuses, 24/7/365.
  • Chaplain: 410-516-1880 / chaplain@jhu.edu

Additional Resources