Meet Dean Martinez

Dean Terry MartinezWelcome!

I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome on behalf of the entire Student Life staff. Whether you are new to Johns Hopkins University or returning for another exciting year, your experience can be a rich and wonderful one.

From the time you arrive on campus until the time you graduate, members of the Student Life Offices will interact with you in ways that contribute to an exceptional and comprehensive co-curricular experience. Our goal is to provide high quality opportunities that not only complement, but also enhance the learning that takes place both inside and outside the classroom. Caring and skilled professionals will help you explore the many co-curricular options available to you, work with you to resolve problems, and connect you to numerous campus resources. We will also partner with you to promote initiatives that address student needs and interests.

As you explore all that JHU has to offer, I ask that you do the following:

  • Be active in your learning. The education you receive in classrooms, laboratories, and studios will become a much fuller experience if you actively engage. Don’t just study for the exam, but rather understand the goals of the course and dive into the material.
  • Be involved. You will acquire many skills necessary for a satisfying future when you assume leadership roles, join teammates on the playing field, or learn from a perspective that is different from your own. Discover and fuel your passions.
  • Be safe and responsible. As a member of our community, it is important that you are informed and aware of your rights and responsibilities. It is also important that we all look out for one another and understand the impact our behaviors have on others.

I look forward to meeting you personally and wish you an amazing year! I hope that you will stop by and introduce yourself to the members of the Student Life staff and to me.

All my best,

Terry Martinez
Associate Vice Provost/ Dean of Student Life