Hop-In Buddy Program

The Hop-In Buddy Program is an opportunity to foster a network of support for and among Hop-In students. The goal of the program is to aid in the academic, emotional, and socio-cultural adjustment of Hop-In students by actively involving upper-class students, alums, faculty, and staff with the Hop-In program. The Buddy Program matches first and second year Hop-In students with third and fourth year Hop-In students. Third and fourth year students will be matched with recent Hop-In alumni, faculty, and staff members.

Role of a Hop-In Buddy

  • Connect Hop-In students with people, places, experiences, and services
  • Share knowledge, materials, skills, and personal stories about your experiences
  • Take an active interest in the academic performance and overall wellness of your buddy
  • Aid in creating a positive and productive experience for Hop-In students at Hopkins
  • Offer support, challenge, patience, and enthusiasm while helping their buddy navigate various issues in their transition to and success at Hopkins

Buddy Responsibilities

  • Commit to participating in the program for the 2020-2021 academic year
  • Determine needs and expectations for the buddy relationship (i.e., academic assistance, networking, advice, etc.)
  • Commit to connecting with your buddy at least twice a semester
  • Alert Hop-In or appropriate campus office/administrator if your buddy is having difficulties (i.e., financial, academic, personal, professional etc.)

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