Hopkins Undergraduate Leaders in Advising (HULA)

What is a HULA?

HULAs are peer advisors who work with predominantly first-generation and/or limited income (FLI) incoming first-year students in the Success Coaching Program in Academic Advising (SCAA) to ensure a successful transition throughout the first year at Hopkins. HULAs inform students about curricular and co-curricular opportunities, teach students how to build a schedule, registration process, and establish connections. They are also role models for new students and provide general support as needed (both remotely and in-person).

The acronym I’ve chosen for the Peer Academic Advising Program is: HULA (Hopkins Undergrad Leaders in Advising). In thinking about the success of first-gen. students, the idea of constant movement came to mind; like a hula-hoop. Hula-hooping is a skill that anyone can learn and master, but, tips from those who have already mastered this skill can go a long way in improving the beginners’ confidence. I feel like the same goes for first-gen. upperclassmen at Hopkins who are excited to help share their tips and tricks with incoming first year students. In order to master the art of hula-hooping, one must constantly be in motion. In order to be successful at Hopkins, one must constantly be motion by taking advantage of the resources and opportunities that are available. Let’s set this new program in motion!

-Felicia Petterway ’20