Proactive Education

At the Office of Student Conduct, we believe in the power of proactive education to foster a culture of accountability, understanding, and positive contribution within our campus community. As a result, our office offers presentations/workshops that will allow students, faculty, and staff to acquire the tools necessary to successfully navigate campus life and make meaningful contributions to the institution’s legacy. Each presentation ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour; however, each can be adjusted based on your needs—just be sure to specify below. Please ensure that all requests are submitted at least 10 business days prior to your event date.

If there are presentations/workshops that you would like us to facilitate and they are not listed below, please contact us at

Thank you for choosing to collaborate with the Office of Student Conduct. We look forward to serving you and supporting a thriving campus community together.

Presentation/Workshop Offerings

Blue Jay Rumble: A Guide to Navigating Conflict (1 hour)

This workshop will give students insight of the many conflict styles and helpful tips and tricks to navigate conflict on campus. After the informative component, participants will be assigned to a partner and given a scenario and conflict style to “act out”. They will then be tasked with guessing each other’s styles while engaging in discourse on how to cater to those particular styles.

The Blue Jay Way: A Workshop on Values (45 mins)

This workshop will allow students to identify and share what their values are and how they will live them out as a Hopkins student and a contributor to society. Experiential activities can also be incorporated.

Intent vs. Impact: Practicing Sound Decision-Making (1 hour)

Each day involves making decisions, whether they are minuscule or extremely difficult. This workshop will inform students of the decision-making process and intent vs. impact. Afterwards, they will be faced with scenarios that will require them to make some difficult decisions and discover how their decision impacts themselves and others around them.

Avoiding Blue Jay Burnout: Practicing Self-Care (1 hour)

This workshop will assist students in learning about their emotional triggers and creating a wellness plan to use during high-stress times (when they may be more apt to engage in behaviors that lead to conduct cases). Students will also build their own self-care kit.

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