University Navigators

Johns Hopkins University offers University Navigators for students, whether as complainants or respondents, to serve as a neutral supporter during JHU’s Sexual Misconduct Policy investigation and resolution panel process. Navigators may assist participants (i.e. a complainant or a respondent) throughout the process, and help them to understand JHU’s policies and procedures for investigating and resolving complaints of sexual misconduct.

Navigators’ support includes:

  1. Explaining a participant’s rights
  2. Helping navigate the investigative and resolution process, and
  3. Connecting to on- and off-campus resources, such as medical treatment or mental health counseling

In an effort to ensure that there is equitable support for both complainants and respondents, JHU has created a pool of trained faculty and staff to serve as University Navigators throughout the investigation and resolution panel process. While all participants are assigned a Navigator, students are not required to use the University-provided Navigator. Additionally, participants may use different Navigators for different purposes or at different stages in the process.

Individuals designated as University Navigators have received appropriate training and have competent knowledge of the JHU Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures. In addition, they can provide limited student support and/or access to additional student support resources. Questions regarding University Navigators should be directed to Kyley Sommer, Student Affairs Administrator.