School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering (Undergraduate)

General Institutional Information

Student Financial Assistance Information

  • Student Financial Aid Assistance Available and Eligibility Information
  • Cost of Attendance
  • Student Loan Information
  • Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards
  • Using Federal Financial Aid to Purchase Books/Supplies
    • If your financial aid file is complete (all documents and outstanding requirements were submitted on or before our published deadlines) and you are entitled to a refund of excess federal student aid funds, you should receive your refund in time to buy required books and supplies during the first week of a term. Students enrolled in modules and/or courses that do not begin within seven days of the start of the term may not receive their aid until they actually begin class. To ensure timely receipt of your refund, be sure to choose the method to receive your refund as soon as possible. If your refund is delayed, contact the Office of Student Financial Services about obtaining emergency funds to purchase required books and supplies for the term.

Health and Safety Information

Vaccination Policy

There is no divisional vaccination policy

Student Outcomes

Retention Rates for First-Time Full-Time Students

First-year to sophomore retention, 2022 cohort: 98.0%

Completion/Graduation Rates for First-Time Full-Time Students

Cohort Year4-Year Graduation5-Year Graduation6-Year Graduation

Completion/Graduation Rates for Athletes Receiving Athletic Aid

Cohort Year4-Year Graduation5-Year Graduation6-Year Graduation