Anu Ramachandran

Anu Ramahandran proudly shakes the hand of a dignitary at a business event.

Marshall Scholarship, 2016–2017

As a medical student at Johns Hopkins, I’ve been able to discover and develop my passion for healthcare in humanitarian crisis settings, including refugee populations, conflict zones, and natural disaster settings. I wanted the opportunity to build my skills in public health and immerse myself in an international melting pot of global leaders, and the Marshall Scholarship was the perfect opportunity to do so! Having the chance to study in a setting as historic and diverse as the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine while building an incredible network of passionate young people across a variety of disciplines was life-changing. Living in the UK, traveling extensively, and learning firsthand about different health systems and refugee populations both locally and globally helped me anchor my ambitions and build amazing friendships. I’m so grateful to the Marshall Commission and to all of the peers and mentors that made this experience possible.