Ashley Ezema

Ashley posing with Canadian flag

Fulbright Academic Grant, 2017–2018

While at Hopkins, I had opportunities to study abroad in India, South Africa, and Brazil. What I loved about traveling was the opportunity to learn from locals about their countries as well as sharing my perspective as an American. This idea of cultural exchange is the guiding tenet of the Fulbright and one of many reasons I applied. I was motivated by the possibility of continuing my undergraduate research relating to the cardiovascular health of black populations.

I had never been to Canada before, and my time here has been one of the most enriching and inspiring experiences thus far. Not only have I grown to become a more experienced and independent researcher, I have formed meaningful and lasting relationships with friends and mentors alike. By challenging myself to make the absolute most of my Fulbright, I made a home in Toronto and realized how cool it is.

Doing a Fulbright was the best possible way I could have spent the year after graduating and I’m excited to apply the lessons I’ve learned when I start medical school this upcoming fall.