Ben Davidson

Ben standing on beach

Fulbright ETA, 2017–2018

I decided to apply for a Fulbright ETA Grant in Spain after having taught Spanish for three years in Baltimore. I was itching for a professional and personal change and wanted to develop a more international perspective on public education systems. The best part of being an ETA in the profoundly beautiful region of Galicia is the multifaceted nature of the role. My weeks are divided between lead-teaching entire classes, working with small groups of students, and providing conversational English lessons to fellow teachers over coffee in my school’s coffee bar (Yes, almost every school in Spain will have an on-site café). Additionally, the Spanish Fulbright Commission has provided me with a spectacular networking opportunity with other grantees and professionals within Spain. The connections I have made with other grantees has really been an unexpected highlight of my Fulbright Year.