Ian Markham

Ian Markham sits on the ground next to a garden of pink flowers.

Boren Scholarship, 2017-2018

I decided to apply for a Boren Scholarship as I was looking to spend more time abroad and because my primary career goal is to work for the federal government. I spent the 2017-2018 academic year studying Russian and Latvian at the University of Latvia in Riga. In Riga I was able to take all of my courses in Russian as well as live with locals, forcing me to immerse myself in the given languages. However, what I will remember most about my Boren experience is my time volunteering at a youth center in eastern Latvia, teaching local children about American culture through games, dances, and songs because it was in that time when I really learned about local culture and was forced to put my language skills to practice. I would highly recommend anyone interested in working for the federal government apply for a Boren given not only the career opportunities that it will open up, but the amazing experience you’ll have.