Milonee Mehta

Milone posing with hot air ballons rising in background

Boren Scholarship (STEM Initiative), 2014

I chose to apply for a Boren Scholarship because I had studied abroad once before college, and had enjoyed the experience so much that I wanted to do it again. I have a fascination with learning critical languages, which is why the Boren fit perfectly for me. I don’t think I could have won my scholarship without the help of the JHU National Fellowships Office. Dr. Miller not only reviewed my application essays and made sure that they had the necessary elements to be competitive, but also put me in contact with other scholarship winners so that I could ask their advice as well. During my study abroad I have vastly improved my Turkish language skills and have accumulated the resources to help me continue learning in the future. I have also made several lifelong friends, of many different nationalities, whom I will cherish for years to come.