Seheri Swint

Seheri Swint stands prominently in front of Thailand architect buildings and shrubbery.

Luce Scholars Program, 2018-2019

I learned about the Luce Scholarship from a short blurb in Today’s Announcements that caught my attention. I’d never been to Asia. I was intrigued by the opportunity to live in such a wildly foreign milieu. The allure of fragrant, delicious food and a promising career opportunity led me to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I began my Luce Year with a strong focus on professional development but slowly realized that it presented a much grander opportunity. What sets the Luce apart from others is its interest in supporting each scholar’s unique, multidimensional experience. When done right, the Luce Year is less about resume building and more about transformation. As my year in Asia draws to a close, I realize that I’ve grown most prominently in the least tangible ways. My resume will not reflect the nuances of interactions that have shaped a brand new perspective on life. It will not list the numerous personal beliefs that have been challenged and renewed. Simply being has become my greatest teacher such that I feel subtlety sculpted by each perfect stranger, peculiar sight, and curious sound that I’ve encountered throughout my travels. No matter where life takes me next, I know that I will continue this surprising journey as altogether, a new creation.