Baltimore Corps Fellowship

Is it for you?

The Baltimore Corps seeks to recruit young professionals to build pathways to leadership positions within the Baltimore City community, particularly in the social sector. The program’s underlying mission is social justice and racial equity for everyone in Baltimore City. During the year-long appointment, on a rolling basis, fellows are placed with Visionary Cause Leaders in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors to effect population-level change across focus areas, including education, public health, and workforce development. For positions including a professional development component, Baltimore Corps supports each Fellow through retreats, networking events, one-on-one mentoring, leadership seminars, community dinners, and feedback designed to support each Fellow’s professional and personal growth.

For those not interested in a cohort experience and professional development, you may submit an application through the Baltimore Corps job placement service, Place for Purpose. Available positions will be updated quarterly and can be found on the Place for Purpose Roles section of the website.

*COVID-19 Response Roles: Those seeking employment should also check the Place for Purpose Roles section of the website* for ongoing searches for immediate hires.*

What are the key dates?

Information SessionApril 7, 2020, 5:00-6:00pm (Zoom)

Campus deadline: June 1, 2020

Official deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis until September 11, 2020

Are you eligible?

Candidates for the Baltimore Corps Fellowship must:

  • be US citizens or permanent residents (you must be able to work in the US).
  • be able to demonstrate leadership experience and critical thinking, especially with social impact.

How do you work with the NFP?

JHU nomination is not required for the Baltimore Corps. Applicants submit their own materials to the Baltimore Corps Fellowship Program. Eli Lopatin of the JHU Center for Social Concern and Mariam Banahi, NFP Program Coordinator, are available to advise applicants through the process.

The timeline gives an overview of the application process. Your first steps are to contact Mr. Lopatin by emailing him and attending an information session. In preparation, have a closer look below for more resources to learn about the Baltimore Corps Fellowship.

January – March Contact Eli Lopatin to indicate your intent to apply.
early – mid-March Have an individual advising meeting with Ms. Banahi & Mr. Lopatin
early April Attend an info session
mid-April Contact Ms. Banahi with any questions on the application process
early June Meet campus deadline

Are you competitive?

Fellows selected on a rolling basis. In previous years, 40-45 fellows were selected. Available positions for employment will be updated on a quarterly basis. Selection decisions are based on the following criteria:

  • Experience and leadership: In the online profile, you will list your professional (including internships) and academic experience, as well as team and individual leadership skills relevant to positions posted on the Baltimore Corps applicant portal.
  • Passion for social impact and serving Baltimore.
  • Online questionnaire: provide personal and demographic information, as well as two short answers on racial equity and your preparation for social impact work. As part of your answers, you should also demonstrate your dedication to the City of Baltimore.
  • Assessment with Baltimore Corps staff: 5-7 days after completing the online questionnaire, a Baltimore Corps staff member will contact you to discuss the next steps.
  • Three letters of recommendation: as a finalist, you may be asked to provide contact information for three recommenders (e.g. colleagues, bosses, professors, or mentors) who will submit letters of recommendation. You do not have to submit contact information of recommenders during the initial stages of the application process.

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