Churchill Scholarship

Is it for you?

The Churchill Scholarship provides between $50,000–$60,000 to fund a one-year graduate degree in engineering, mathematics, or science at Churchill College, Cambridge University. The award also includes a travel allowance up to $1,500 and the possibility of a $2,000 Special Research Grant to cover research expenses.

What are the key dates?

Information Sessions:

JHU Campus Deadline: Monday, March 15, 2021 at 9am EST – Pre-Application Due (see below)

Are you eligible?

Candidates for the Churchill Scholarship must:

  • be a U.S. citizen.
  • be a senior in college at the time of application or must have graduated within the past 12 months. At the beginning of the scholarship, Churchill Scholars must hold a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent and may not have attained a doctorate.
  • propose a course of study in an eligible field.

How do you work with the NFP?

To apply for the Churchill, JHU nomination is required (JHU may nominate two candidates). Candidates must go through a campus pre-selection process that begins in February of the application year. This overview explains the process and includes a detailed timeline. Please read the overview before completing the pre-application to understand the big picture of our UK Scholarships application process. By the March campus deadline, all candidates must complete a pre-application form, using the accompanying pre-application instructions. Contact Dr. Hamell with any questions. We closely advise candidates on all parts of the application, including facilitating individual feedback sessions with faculty.

Pre-Application Materials

The timeline gives an overview of the application process. Your first step is to attend a live U.K. Scholarships information session. In preparation, have a closer look at the resources below to learn more about the Churchill.

late February-March Attend an info session
mid-March Submit pre-application materials
late March Interview with campus committee
April Attend writing workshops
late May-June Participate in junto meetings & CV workshops
June-September Meet deadlines for written materials
mid-October Submit applications for campus deadline
late October Revise applications (for nominees) and meet official Churchill deadline

Are you competitive?

Fifteen scholarships are awarded each year. Applicants first submit their materials to a campus committee for review. Two students are selected as nominees to the national Churchill Scholarship competition. The campus committee offers advice on how to improve their materials for final submission. Selection decisions (both on-campus and at the national level) are based on the following criteria:

  • Academic record: A high GPA (generally 3.8+) and class rank (top 10%) are necessary.
  • Personal Statement: This essay of no more than two pages should give the committee a clear sense of who you are, how your interests have developed, and how and why study at Churchill College, University of Cambridge fits into your future plans.
  • Four letters of recommendation: Faculty members who know you well are asked to provide information on your academic qualifications, specifically your knowledge of the field, originality, and imagination, as well as the potential for success in your discipline. Recommenders are also asked to comment on your personal characteristics, particularly on your adaptability, maturity, and quality as an ambassador. If you plan to do a research degree, it is vital that your recommenders be able to comment on your ability to work independently and carry out research. Applicants must fill out and submit to their recommenders the Scholarship Recommendation cover sheet, which is available on the Winston Churchill Foundation’s website.
  • Proposed course of study at Cambridge, Churchill College: The student’s proposed course of study at Cambridge should reflect a clear awareness of the faculty and facilities available there, and an understanding of the British higher education system. Applicants should begin researching appropriate degree programs no later than spring term preceding the year of application.  

NOTE: Applicants for the Churchill Scholarship must apply separately to the University of Cambridge no later than mid-October. Refer to the complete application instructions on the Churchill website.

Have a closer look:

Visit the Official Website

Winston Churchill Foundation

Explore JHU and NFP Resources

All applicants nominated by JHU’s campus committee are enrolled in our GRMMC Blackboard site, which contains a wealth of information and resources about the application process.

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Read Sample Essays

A portfolio of previous applications is available beginning in May. To view it, inquire at the Study Abroad Office in Levering Hall 4B, during regular walk-in hours (2:00-3:30pm, M-F). You must remain in the Study Abroad Office while viewing the portfolio and may not digitally reproduce any included materials.