Dance Classes

Spring 2024 Class Info

The following noncredit dance classes are offered and open to all JHU students including graduate and non-Homewood students. Classes are for the full semester and free of charge. They are in-person and will be in the AMR I Multi-Purpose Room (near the Freshman Quad). Dance class capacity is appx. 25 people. Classes are for students only. They are not open to faculty, staff or non-JHU affiliates.

Modern Dance

Contemporary modern dance will be explored in rigorous movement sessions emphasizing technical skills and creative expression. The technical component will focus on alignment, breathing, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, patterning, conditioning and agility. The creative component will focus on movement experimentation, individual expression, translating ideas into movement, and performance artistry.

Modern Dance Attire

Attire should be close-fitting yet allow a wide range of movement, no shoes, and jewelry not recommended. Long hair should be tied back and out of the way. Proper attire can include:

  • Stretch capris and camisoles-leggings-biker shorts-leotards and tights without feet-or a unitard.
  • Exercise pants, or shorts and t-shirts or tanks.

Ballet for EveryBody

Ballet for EveryBody approaches ballet as an immersive mind/body practice. Accept yourself as you are while striving toward greater ease, efficiency, and expansiveness of movement. Enjoy the beauty of ballet as you experience mental and physical flow and musical expressiveness within the community of a supportive mixed-level class. This is an inclusive class. People of different abilities and levels of experience are all welcome.

Ballet dance attire

All close-fitting, flexible clothing is acceptable as long as the line of the body is discernible. This includes clothing such as yoga pants, leggings, and close-fitting t-shirts.

If you are buying ballet slippers for the first time, we want to make sure that the heel of the shoe stays on and that the knuckles of your toes have room to stay flat when you are standing on releve or tiptoe. Ballet slippers can be fitted and purchased in person at Artistic Dance Fashions in Towson or they can be ordered from several online sources, including Discount Dance Supplies. Textured socks can be worn as a short-term substitute for ballet slippers.

Schedule & Registration

Students may register for one or all weekly sessions. No previous experience is required. Those with less experience are encouraged to sign-up and attend both weekly Ballet and/or Modern classes, but it is not required. Those who sign up for the first month will be automatically registered for the semester. Come one, come all!

Ballet for EveryBody

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30–5pm
Jan 30 – April 25

Registration for future classes here.

Modern Dance

Wednesdays, 4-5:30pm, Fridays, 3:30-5pm
Jan 31 – April 26

Registration for future classes here.

Classes will not be held on any JHU holidays, during Fall Break, or during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Spring Break.

About the Instructors

Marilyn Byers has been the leader of the JHU Modern Company group for over 20 years and has worked as an artistic director, choreographer and educator across the region.

Lisa Green Cudek teaches ballet at Peabody and Loyola University. While in Philadelphia, she taught at the University of the Arts and Temple University.


Classes are sponsored by the office of Arts and Innovation. For more information, email