Dance Groups

Slam Dance Group performing

Dance Classes

Semester-long, non-credit classes in ballet and modern dance are held in the Mattin Center Caplan Dance Studio. Classes are free of charge and priority is given to Homewood undergraduates. Graduate students may attend, as long as there is available space. Sign up info is sent out in “Today’s Announcements” about two weeks before the semester starts. Students can sign up for one style or both. Class size is limited. For more information, visit the Dance Classes page or email the OAI Director.

Aerial Circus Club

The Aerial Circus Club introduces students to the art of aerial circus, a unique performance art that combines dance, strength, and flexibility.


Baila! is the university’s one and only Latin dance team. Our mission is to promote, expand, and empower Latin American Culture on campus through dance styles such as bachata, merengue, salsa, reggaeton and many more. Our goal is to create a close-knit team that promotes trust and growth throughout college!


The JHU Ballet Company trains members in the classical ballet form. They offer weekly classes that focus on technique. They also choreograph and perform traditional and contemporary ballet pieces.

Ballroom Dance club

The Ballroom Dance Club meets weekly to practice ballroom dances of different styles.

Blue Jay Bhangra

Blue Jay Bhangra aims to promote bhangra culture at Johns Hopkins and in the greater community through competitive and non-competitive performance. Based on a mix of traditional Punjabi folk music with Western styles, bhangra features heavy drum beats, colorful costumes, and complex formations.

Breakers Crew at JHU

The JHU Breakers Crew is a breakdance club focused on learning the steps and moves in breakdance and exploring how to put them together in a freestyle. Our teaching is not restricted to choreography; nevertheless, we will have choreography sessions every month to give you some ideas on how to put the moves together and create unique routines!


Eclectics is a co-ed fusion group that focuses on the creative process of choreography. Various styles of dance are incorporated into the performances, some of which include hip hop, modern, jazz, breakdancing, raving, and tap.


Jaywalk is a jazz and contemporary dance group that focuses on technical skill and performance quality. The group blends intricate and innovative choreography with expressionism and style.


JOSH is Hopkins’ women’s and gender non-conforming individuals’ Bollywood fusion dance team, JOSH incorporates styles like Indian classical (Bharatanatyam, Kathak), Hop Hop, South Indian Kuthu, and occasionally Bhangra, Raas, and Latin styles. JOSH is proud to be a multicultural group and consciously aims to reflect the unique identities of its members in sets and performances. They aim to be a safe and inclusive space for members to express themselves through dance.

Korean Pop Motion

Korean Pop Motion learns and creates choreographies and performs at various events to share the art of K-pop with the school and neighboring communities.


The Ladybirds Dance Team focuses on a variety of dance styles, including jazz, lyrical/contemporary, pom, hip-hop, and tap. They perform during half time at football, basketball, and lacrosse games as well as at performing arts events and competitions.

Lan Yun Blue Orchids

Lan Yun Blue Orchids is a performing arts group for students to learn and practice traditional Chinese dance. We use a variety of props, such as fans, water sleeves, and spears to recreate and display the intricate culture embodied in classical Chinese dance.

Modern Dance

The Modern Dance Company is a modern dance-oriented performing arts group. The company offers two modern dance classes a week, one being taught by Ms. Marilyn Byers, the Artistic Director of the group. The Dance Company is fully SAC-funded and there is no charge for participation.

Motion Dance Team

MOTION Dance Team (MDT) explores various aspects of dance that emerged from black culture. With a focus on hip-hop, step, and majorette, MOTION’s purpose is to explore and learn about various aspects of dance. This non-competitive dance team hopes to share its creativity, passion, and energy at practices and performances throughout the year.


Noor focusses on storytelling through the Indian classical dance form of Kathak. Kathak integrates rhythmic patterns with technical footwork, meaningful expressions and characteristic spins to express cultural, societal and historical themes. Through performances, Noor aims to promote Kathak on campus and create a shared belonging to the dance form.


Shakti is a classical Indian dance group that focuses on incorporating Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi into classical and semi-classical music. Apart from pure classical, Shakti fuses traditional movements with more modern tunes.

SLAM Hip Hop Dance Group

SLAM is the hip hop dance group at Hopkins. The team also hosts an annual showcase and benefit to raise money for Baltimore Dance Crews Project.

Students of Caribbean Ancestry

SOCA, short for Students of Caribbean Ancestry, is a dance group focused on dance styles (and music) from the Caribbean. This includes, but is not limited to, Afro-Caribbean, Latin-Caribbean, and Asian-Caribbean.

Temps d’Afrique (TDA)

Temps d’Afrique is the dynamic dance troupe of the African Students Association. They employ both traditional and modern African movements and sample a variety of African music genres.

Yong Han Lion Dance

Lion Dance provides Chinese cultural enrichment to JHU and the surrounding Baltimore community. In addition to performing for cultural events on- and off-campus, they teach lion dance to children.


Zinda is JHU’s co-ed Bollywood hip-hop fusion dance team. They fuse together various styles of dance, from Indian Bollywood, bhangra, and folk, to hip-hop, salsa, and swing.