A Cappella Groups

All Nighters performing


Adoremus is the Johns Hopkins Christian a cappella group devoted to sharing music with the diverse student body and neighborhood communities. Established in 1995, Adoremus continues to serve the campus through song.


The AllNighters are JHU’s all-male a cappella group. They perform all styles of music, from rock to hip hop to jazz to oldies.

Humming Jay

Humming Jay performs a combination of traditional and contemporary Korean songs (k-pop), as well as American pop songs.


Founded in 1997, Ketzev is JHU’s a cappella group specializing in Hebrew, Israeli, and American music.


Kranti is a co-ed Hindi a cappella group that fuses traditional and modern styles of Indian music with contemporary Western vocal styles.


The Melanotes is a co-ed acapella group highlighting Black excellence and committed to celebrating the diverse music and sounds of the African Diaspora and African-American Traditions.

Mental Notes

Mental Notes is a co-ed a cappella group that blends comedy with their singing.

Music Dynasty

Music Dynasty is a Chinese based a cappella group. They sing Chinese songs from different Asian regions, as well as songs with elements from different backgrounds. They welcome talents from different cultures to join.

Notes of Ranvier

Notes of Ranvier is a community service a cappella group. They are dedicated to performing in the local community and donating proceeds to worthy causes.


The Octopodes are a co-ed a cappella group who perform a wide variety of songs, including contemporary rock and pop music. Founded in 1988, they are JHU’s oldest a cappella group and have been featured on the BOCA (Best of Collegiate A Cappella) CD twice.


The Sirens, founded in 1995, is the all-female a cappella group at Johns Hopkins. They sing a wide range of music, from country to pop to classic rock.

Take Two

Take Two is JHU’s alternative and indie music focused a cappella group. Our group strives to bring attention to songs that are less popular, but just as powerful as anything in the Top 40 hits.

Vocal Chords

The Vocal Chords are a co-ed a cappella group that performs a diverse repertoire, including current songs as well as pop, rock, hip-hop, and country from the 50’s–90’s.