Administrative Info for Student Arts Groups

Barnstormers on stage

Events & Finances

All group activities (rehearsals, performances, meetings, etc) must be entered in Hopkins Groups, which is also where all financial transactions and activities are maintained. Questions about all student organization policies and procedures, including financial procedures, can be found on the LEED website and specifically on the page for Student Organization Financial Procedures. Entering events on Hopkins Groups will connect you with the proper departments for Events and Scheduling, AV/KitCats support, and more. Special reservations in Shriver Hall, Arellano Theater, and other arts specifics are coordinated by the Director for the Office of Arts and Innovation.

Revenue, Income Generation, and Fundraising

Funding sources include:

  • Student Activities Commission (SAC) – Semester allocations and event budget requests for groups. During the academic year, registered officers of a group can access the SAC proposal form online at the Hopkins Groups site for your group.
  • Office of Arts and Innovation Micro-Grants: Arts-based RSO’s may request micro-grants from the Office of Arts and Innovation. The funding is primarily to support activities and initiatives that need funding or additional funding beyond SGA/SAC, and other funding sources. Micro-grants are typically $200-$400 and accepted on a rolling basis. To request funds submit an application on Hopkins Groups, and email the Director of OAI with any questions.
  • Student Life Programming Grants – Money is available from a committee that funds projects/events which are sponsored by on-campus groups/departments/organizations. For information visit the Student Life Programming Grants website.
  • GRO –Graduate Student Organization offers funds if you have grad students as members. The office is in Levering Hall or at x6-7682. Funding application and info here.
  • Alumni Association Student Group Grants –The Alumni Association offers grants of up to $1500 once a year to student groups. Application deadlines are usually in early fall semester. For info and application materials: Alumni student grants website
  • Diversity Innovation Grants – The Diversity Innovation Grant (DIG) program provides funding to support fresh, innovative programming ideas that foster diversity and inclusion among the kaleidoscope of communities at the Johns Hopkins Institutions. Specifically, the DIG program supports initiatives with the following objectives: Promote civility and respect at JHI; Create and implement novel ways to support diversity at JHI; Create and implement novel ways to support inclusion at JHI. The annual deadline is usually in the fall. For info and application form: Diversity Innovation Grants
  • Donations – Your group may solicit and ask for donations on behalf of your student organization. The donation page is here and individuals may select the specific arts organization they want to donate to. If you have questions about this process, contact the Director of OAI.
  • Donations from alumni of your group – The JHU Alumni Relations staff can assist your group in soliciting JHU alumni who were active in your group. For further information, contact the Director of OAI.
  • Other methods of income generation: Please consider the best ways your group can bring in additional revenue including but not limited to: performance tickets for sale, accepting donations at performances and events, membership fees, fundraisers, and more. Additional info is available here on the LEED site.

Group Membership and Registration

  • All arts groups must register online every year in the Hopkins Groups system in order to be recognized.
  • Groups that are not recognized will not be allowed to schedule space or receive any of the other privileges extended to registered groups. If you are not an SAC group, you must be “sponsored” either by the Office of Arts and Innovation or another campus department. Contact the Director of OAI for details.
  • SAC groups may only have JHU students, faculty and staff as members. Students from other universities and members of the local community may not take part in SAC group activities.
  • OAI sponsored groups may have community members, if approved by the director of OAI. In special cases, with a professional director, a SAC group may be able to have community members if approved by the Director of OAI.

Email Lists

Please put the OAI director,, on your group’s general info email list. This allows the director to keep up to date on all your group’s activities via your mass emails.

Event Listings on the HUB

All group performances can be listed on the Arts and Culture events calendar of the HUB. Events can be submitted directly on the HUB.

Online A Cappella Music — Posting and Selling

  • A cappella groups who want to post and sell their music online must follow all legal and licensing requirements. Currently, you are not able to use the JHU tax ID info to apply to use the services of any music distribution site.
  • Any money that is made by selling the group’s songs must be deposited into the group account with staff in the LEED office.

Planning and Publicity for Shows

Recording CDs

  • When a student a cappella or choral group records copyrighted songs for production on a CD, the group must ensure that all licensing fees have been paid. General information is available through the Harry Fox Agency.

Scheduling Spaces for Rehearsals and Performances

  • Performances and rehearsals in arts designated spaces are coordinated by the director of OAI. This includes but is not limited to Arellano Theater, AMR Dance space, Shriver, and more.
  • To schedule a new rehearsal or event in any other room fill out an event submission on Hopkins Groups.
  • Regular weekly rehearsals start the first day of classes each semester and end on the last day of classes.

Social Events Off-Campus

  • All student groups are required to register off-campus social events which are group related on Hopkins Groups.. Examples for arts groups include, but are not limited to, cast parties, parties with guest groups from other universities, end of semester dinners, or award celebrations.
  • Please submit your form at least three business days before your event. All forms will be forwarded to the JHU Community Liaison.
  • Any incident reports of violations of the agreement will be forwarded to Student Life staff who will initiate appropriate meetings with students and staff.
  • A new submission must be made for each of your group’s social events off-campus.

Student Life Policies

  • All student groups must follow the Student Life policies which are described in the Undergraduate Student Handbook.

Sudler Arts Prizes and Leadership Awards

  • The Sudler Arts Prize and the President’s Commendation for Achievement in the Arts are offered to undergraduate students. More information is available on the Sudler Arts Prize website.
  • Arts Leadership Awards are a part of the annual Leadership Awards ceremony. Information available here.

Travel off campus

All information and policies are subject to revision. Please email with any questions.