Group Funding

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One of the functions of the Graduate Representative Organization (GRO) is to provide funding opportunities for activities and events that are of interest to graduate students at Johns Hopkins. In the past, the GRO has sponsored social, cultural, athletic, and educational events, as well as unique services that have been created and administered by graduate students. The GRO also makes funds available to support the operation of recognized student groups and departmental graduate student associations.

If you are holding an event that involves graduate students, or if your group includes graduate students, you may be entitled to funding from the GRO.

To be eligible for funds, your event must also be cross-departmental. (If funded, all publicity must name the GRO as a sponsor, include the Homewood campus, and be written with all information at least in English.)

Group recognition by the GRO is not required for nor a guarantee of event funding.

PDF Document: GRO Group Funding Policy 2023-2024 (updated 10-01-2023)

Please direct any questions about group funding to


  • Any student organization recognized by the Office of Leadership Engagement and Experiential Development (LEED) may request funding for an event.
  • Groups of students who have not been recognized by the Office of Leadership Engagement and Experiential Development (LEED) may request funding for an event. If LEED has previously denied recognition of a student group, then that group does not qualify for funding under the same group name or purpose.
  • Groups must be Homewood based in order to receive event funding.
  • The event must be open to graduate students of all departments.
  • The event must have a location reserved, except when proposing an event that will occur during the following semester.
  • Events funded by the GRO must occur in locations approved by the Office of Leadership. Engagement and Experiential Development (LEED).

Limits on Funding

  • The GRO will fund up to $800 per group per semester.
  • The GRO will only fund up to 95% of an event’s total cost.
  • The funding allocated to food may not exceed $12 per graduate student attendee per meal.
  • For any event which has a limited number of possible attendees (e.g. off campus events with limited transportation), the GRO will not reimburse more than $50 per attendee including all costs.
  • The GRO will not reimburse money spent on alcoholic beverages.
  • The GRO will not reimburse sales tax.
  • The GRO will not approve funding for events after they have occurred, except for in extreme circumstances when approved by the GC with a supermajority vote.
    • Such exemptions may only be made in cases where the request was submitted in a timely manner but due to clerical mistakes or scheduling issues the GRO was unable to consider the request before the event occurred.

Steps for Requesting Funds

  • Ensure that your event is both cross-departmental and open to all graduate students.
  • Consider the above limits on funding.
  • At least two weeks prior to the event, submit an official request form (link at top of page).
  • If applying for more than $250, send a representative from your group to the funding committee meeting an hour before the next General Council meeting (at the same location) who is prepared to answer questions about the event. (This representative may not be a current member of the GRO General Council.)
  • Enjoy your event.
  • Submit an evaluation form and receipts within one month after your event. (Failure to do so may result in retasking of funds and disqualification from future GRO funding.)

Helpful Hints

  • The most successful proposals are those that include other funding sources and several types of publicity.
  • Please submit your funding requests in a timely manner. It is expected that funding requests submitted late in the Spring semester will receive less funding because of fewer available funds.


  • Reimbursement instructions are sent by the funding chair upon approval of the request.
  • Questions regarding reimbursement procedures should be addressed to the GRO Treasurer.