General Council

The GRO General Council shall be responsible for determining all GRO policies, designating representatives to all relevant university committees, and monitoring the implementation of all GRO decisions.

The legislative body, or GRO General Council (GC) is made up of both graduate student representatives from every department on the Homewood campus and the Executive Board members. Department representatives are selected independently by students within a department in a way that is up to the students of that department. The GC decides on most matters within the scope of the GRO. It approves or denies student group event funding and/or recognition, approves the budget and GRO policy, debates graduate student needs, both academic and social, and disseminates information to the graduate community.

Do you know who your current representatives are? Find out here.

Last Updated: February 2017
Department Representative 1 Representative 2
Anthropology Anna Wherry Sumin Myung
Applied Mathematics & Statistics Karla Hernandez Cuevas
Art History Christopher Daly Emily Friedman
Biology Riti Gupta Erica Boehm
Biomedical Engineering Alex Trick
Biophysics Trevor Zandi
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Debonil Maity
Chemistry Herdeline Ann Ardona Suzanne Adam
Civil Engineering Amartya Bhattacharjee
Classics Jonathan Meyer Ryan Franklin
Cognitive Science Karen Clothier Jane Lutken
Computer Science Disa Mhembere Jie Ying Wu
Economics Kyungmin Kang Sung Ah Bahk
Electrical & Computer Engineering Hanh Le Luoluo Liu
Engineering Management Akash Ray
English Noelle Dubay Sede Makonnen
Environmental Health and Engineering Michael Rose Weichen Liao
EPS (Earth and Planetary Sciences) Xinting Yu Christina Recalde
GRLL Ben Peak Matteo Cantarello
History Alexey Krichtal
History of Science and Technology Joanna Behrman
Humanities Center Ezgi Ince Michael McCreary
Information Security Inst Harsh Chaturvedi Michael Hooper
Materials Science & Engineering Elliot Wainwright
Mathematics Benjamin Diamond
Mechanical Engineering Andrew Spielvogel
Near Eastern Studies Joseph Mazzariello
Philosophy Christopher Arledge Austin Heath
Physics and Astronomy Prashant Chauhan
Political Science Colin Eubank
Psychological and Brain Sciences Juliana Popovitz Jasmin Perez
Sociology Kiara Nerenberg Yifeng Wan
Writing Seminars Hannah Shea Isabella Martin