General Council

The GRO General Council shall be responsible for determining all GRO policies, designating representatives to all relevant university committees, and monitoring the implementation of all GRO decisions.

The legislative body, or GRO General Council (GC) is made up of both graduate student representatives from every department on the Homewood campus and the Executive Board members. Department representatives are selected independently by students within a department in a way that is up to the students of that department. The GC decides on most matters within the scope of the GRO. It approves or denies student group event funding and/or recognition, approves the budget and GRO policy, debates graduate student needs, both academic and social, and disseminates information to the graduate community.

Find your Representative(s) by School/Department:

Last updated September 18, 2020.

Whiting School of Engineering

Applied Mathematics and Statistics

SE Hee Park


Biomedical Engineering

Theron Palmer


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Ashley Kiemen

Kent Rapp

Civil Engineering

Ashwini Gupta


Computer Science

Ambar Pal


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Soumyajit Ray


Engineering Management

Samantha Bell

Gabriel Ramirez

Environmental Health and Engineering

David Litwin

Leyang Fang

Information Security Institute

(Position Vacant)


Materials Science and Engineering

Kate Brizzolara

Caleb Andrews

Mechanical Engineering

Arthur Ding

Cristina Martin Linares

Krieger School of Arts and Sciences


Perry Madox

Youjoung Yuna Kim

History of Art

Grace Walsh

Celia Rodriguez Tejuca


Christina McNerney

Wesley Yon


Elmer Zapata Mercado



Aniruddha Dey

Dani Bautista


Ryan Warwick

Yanneck Wiegers

Cognitive Science

Grusha Prasad

Tom McCoy

Comparative Thought and Literature

Carolina Eleni Theodoropoulos

Barthélémy Morin


Nino Kodua

Aniruddha Ghosh


Xavier Oliver

David Shipko

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Amy Vasquez

Smriti Limbu


Laurence Bond

Jacob Bruggeman

History of Science and Technology

Urna Mukherjee

Juyoung Lee


Benjamin Dees


Modern Languages and Literature

Catherine Freddo

Julia Jacob

Near Eastern Studies

Stephanie Cooper

Paige Paulsen


Kayla Christy

Matthew Morgado

Physics and Astronomy

Erini Lambrides

Rishi Bhandia

Political Science

Ben Taylor


Psychological and Brain Sciences

Makaela Nartker

Caitlin Corona


Lucas Sorzano Azambuja

Jacqueline Groccia

Writing Seminars

(Position Vacant)