Purpose & Structure

The GRO is the representative organization for all graduate students belonging to the School of Engineering (WSE) and the School of Arts and Sciences (KSAS).


  • Solicit, for use in all of its functions and considerations, the opinions of all Homewood graduate students through representation, outreach, and the proper operation of its bodies.
  • Provide means whereby graduate students can discuss, formulate, and implement policies on any and all issues affecting their welfare.
  • Represent and advocate the interests of graduate students to the University administration, the University at large, and the greater Baltimore community.
  • Facilitate communication between and association among graduate students as well as within the University and greater Baltimore community.
  • Provide a sense of community for graduate students and their families through the organization of social functions.
  • Support graduate students in need of assistance.


The General Council (GC): As defined in the GRO Constitution, the General Council, hereafter referred to as the “GC,” is composed of representatives from the departments and programs of the Homewood Divisions as well as the Executive Board elected by those representatives.

The Executive Board (E-Board): At the end of each academic year, GC is responsible for holding elections for E-Board members to serve for the upcoming academic year. GRO Executive Board is expected to represent the general interest of the entire graduate student body. The GRO Executive Board shall ensure the smooth operation of GRO administration and all GRO activities.

The Department Representative: is composed of representatives from the departments and programs of the Homewood Divisions.

The top of the flow chart: General Council
The bottom of the flow chare: Exectuive Board
The bottome of the flow chart: Deptartment Representatives