About the GRO

The GRO is the representative organization for graduate students belonging to the Homewood campus of JHU. Members of the E-Board act as liaisons between graduate students and administration to advocate for graduate student needs and we distribute information about events.

The purposes of the GRO are as follows:

  • Solicit, for use in all of its functions and considerations, the opinions of all Homewood graduate students through representation, outreach, and the proper operation of its bodies.
  • Provide means whereby graduate students can discuss, formulate, and implement policies on any and all issues affecting their welfare.
  • Represent and advocate the interests of graduate students to the University administration, the University at large, and the greater Baltimore community.
  • Facilitate communication between and association among graduate students as well as within the University and greater Baltimore community.
  • Provide a sense of community for graduate students and their families through the organization of social functions.
  • Support graduate students in need of assistance.