Executive Board

The Executive Board of the GRO shall be responsible for implementing all policy decisions of the General Council and for maintaining relations with the University administration on behalf of the GRO.

The current officers on the Executive Board for the year 2017-18 are:


Contact: gro@jhu.edu

Mikhail Osanov

Civil Engineering

Linda Tchernyshyov



Administrative Positions


Contact: secretary.gro@gmail.com


Contact: treasurer.gro@gmail.com

Sean Klein (on temporary leave)


Fengwei Hung

Environmental Health & Engineering


Administrative and Funding

Contact: funding.gro@gmail.com

Communications Chair

Contact: communications.gro@gmail.com

Elina Spyrou

Environmental Health & Engineering

Indigo V. L. Rose



Archival & Legacy Chair

Contact: gro.archive@gmail.com

GRO Guide Chair


Kirill Tchernyshyov (interim secretary)

Physics and Astronomy




Advocacy Positions

Advocacy Chairs

Contact: advocacy.gro@gmail.com

Juliana Popovitz

Psychological and Brain Sciences

Santosh Paidi

Mechanical Engineering


Health Concerns Chair

Contact: healthconcerns.gro@gmail.com

Wellness Chair

Contact: jmart197@jhu.edu

Tristan Ford

Biomedical Engineering

Jaime Martinez Grundman



Diversity Chair

Contact: drosen30@jhu.edu

Dean Rosenthal

German and Romance Languages & Literatures


Professional Development Chair

Contact: kclothi1@jhu.edu

Karen Clothier

Cognitive Science


Social Positions

Social Chairs

Contact: social.gro@jhu.edu

Elmer Zapata-Mercado


Elliot Wainwright

Materials Science & Engineering


Intercampus Chair

Contact: csapsanis@jhu.edu

Christos Sapsanis

Electrical & Computer Engineering