Numerous focus groups, committees, working groups, and boards exist at JHU. The GRO advocates for a fair representation of graduate students at any of such meetings. Quite a few graduate students are committee members. We are in the process of putting together a list of committees and graduate students who are members. If you are attending committee meetings, please send us an email. Feel free to contact graduate students who are listed here as committee/group members. It is their duty to represent all grads who are part of the GRO.


PhD Education Advisory Committee

GRO Representatives: Ona Ambrozaite (

Information: Launched in fall of 2018, this committee is comprised of PhD students and serves to provide guidance to the Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education, offering student perspectives on a variety of ongoing initiatives and issues relevant to PhD education at Johns Hopkins, including mentoring practices, professional development initiatives, communications to graduate students, and other policies.


Provost’s Advisory Team on Healthcare (PATH)

Relevant Topics: Health insurance, Healthcare

GRO Representatives: Vishal Yadav (

Information: The Provost’s Advisory Team on Healthcare (PATH) for Graduate Students and Postdocs is a working group of graduate student representatives, faculty members, and administrators that advises the Provost and President on improvements to health care benefits for Johns Hopkins University graduate students and postdocs. (Source:


Parental Concerns Working Group

Relevant Topics: New child resources, parental support

GRO Representatives: Maya Monroe (, Vishal Yadav (, Wangui Mbuguiro (

Other Contacts: Christine Kavanaugh (,

Information: Caters to the improvement of working and personal conditions, and thereby overall wellness of graduate parents.


JHU 2020 Restart Committee

Relevant Topics: Campus reopening, research and academic policies, COVID19

GRO Representatives: Eugenia Volkova (

Information: This committee advises on issues of campus policy regarding research and academics in the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters.


Mattin Center Farewell Committee

Relevant Topics: Arts, Hopkins history

GRO Representatives: Alexander Helms (

Information: This committee seeks to commemorate the Mattin Center, which is closing to make way for the new student center.


Dean of Student Life Coalition

Relevant Topics: Diversity, inclusion academic and training offerings

GRO Representatives: Conor Bean (, Shane Arlington (, Yuri Chia (, Briana Whitehead (

Other Contacts: Dean Smita Ruzicka (

Information: This coalition, formed by the Dean of Student Life’s office in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, works to expand programming related to diversity and inclusion for graduate and undergraduate students. There are two subgroups within this coalition. One subgroup works to advise the Dean of Student Life on developing diversity and inclusion workshops and training. The other subgroup is working toward diversifying course offerings and recognizing courses that specifically deal with topics of race, gender, and sexuality.


Doctor of Philosophy Board

Relevant Topics: Ph.D. guidelines, academics

GRO Representatives: Eugenia Volkova (

Information: The Doctor of Philosophy Board advises the Provost about University-wide issues pertaining to the Ph.D. In addition, the Board approves new Ph.D. programs, recommends Ph.D. candidates for conferral to the president, conducts program reviews, and sets guidelines and policies that enhance the experience of all Ph.D. students. The Board respects the strong tradition of local autonomy of the Schools and seeks to enhance the visibility and prominence of Ph.D. education across the University. (Source:


Homewood Graduate Board

Relevant Topics: Ph.D. and Master’s guidelines, academics

GRO Representatives: Ona Ambrozaite (

Information: The Homewood Graduate Board is responsible for the administration of policies and procedures for the award Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. of the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering, and for master’s degrees in the School of Arts and Sciences. The Homewood Graduate Board is a subcommittee of the Academic Council of the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering. (Source:


Homewood Council on Inclusive Excellence (HCIE)

Relevant Topics: Diversity, inclusion, admissions, policy

GRO Representatives: Katiana Kontolati (

Information: The Homewood Council on Inclusive Excellence advises the Homewood deans on matters of diversity, advocates for policies that foster an inclusive climate, identifies current practices that pose barriers to the engagement and success of underrepresented constituents, increases awareness of best practices, and implements innovations that advance our diversity goals outlined in the Roadmap. Additionally, the council collaborates with related committees across the university (i.e., Diversity Leadership Council, Committee on the Status of Women, Homewood Student Affairs) to support programming that builds community. (Source:


Sustainability Leadership Council

Relevant Topics: Environmental, campus policy

GRO Representatives: Eugenia Volkova (

Information: The Johns Hopkins Sustainability Leadership Council (SLC) was PDF Document: formally announced on Earth Day 2019. The charge of the SLC is to provide advice and recommendations to the Provost on policies, programs, and other initiatives that will build a greater role for Johns Hopkins in teaching, research, and leadership on environmental sustainability, both locally and globally. It is also tasked with amplifying the University’s research and practice around environmental sustainability, through fostering academic collaboration and supporting the work of the Office of Sustainability. (Source:


GSA – BSPH SA – TRU – GRO Coalition

Relevant Topics: Cross-campus advocacy

GRO Representatives: Conor Bean (, Shane Arlington (, Eugenia Volkova (, Maya Monroe (

Information: This coalition serves to bring together graduate student leaders from several JHU campuses to discuss issues affecting graduate students and to keep the various groups appraised of goings-on across the university. Its membership is currently composed of representatives from the School of Medicine’s Graduate Student Assembly (GSA), Bloomberg School of Public Health Student Assembly (BSPH SA), Teachers and Researchers United (TRU), and the Homewood Campus’s Graduate Representative Organization (GRO