Numerous focus groups, committees, working groups, and boards exist at JHU. The GRO advocates for a fair representation of graduate students at any of such meetings. Quite a few graduate students are committee members. We are in the process of putting together a list of committees and graduate students who are members. If you are attending committee meetings, please send us an email. Feel free to contact graduate students who are listed here as committee/group members. It is their duty to represent all grads who are part of the GRO.


Doctor Philosophy Board

The Doctor of Philosophy Board advises the Provost about University-wide issues pertaining to the Ph.D. It approves new degree programs and sets guidelines and policies that affect all Ph.D. students. The Board respects the strong tradition of local autonomy of the Schools and seeks to enhance the visibility and prominence of Ph.D. education across the University.

Relevant Topics: academic issues, academic policies, guidelines for the degree*

Graduate Student Member: Jamie Alley (

Information: Jamie came this year to a GC meeting. She welcomes any suggestions for discussion topics at board meetings.

*Does not seem to address student life issues and healthcare.


PATH (Provost’s Advisory Team on Healthcare)

Relevant Topics: health insurance, healthcare

Graduate Student Members: Tristan Ford (GRO Health Concerns Chair, WSE), Linda Tchernyshyov (GRO Co-Chair, KSAS), and one representative each from the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Medical School, and TRU.**

Information: The committee met for the very first time this in Summer 2017 (Homewood members) and had a meeting with members from all divisions in September.

**We are asking for their consent to publish their names on this website.