Numerous focus groups, committees, working groups, and boards exist at JHU. The GRO advocates for a fair representation of graduate students at any of such meetings. Quite a few graduate students are committee members. We are in the process of putting together a list of committees and graduate students who are members. If you are attending committee meetings, please send us an email. Feel free to contact graduate students who are listed here as committee/group members. It is their duty to represent all grads who are part of the GRO.


PhD Education Advisory Committee

GRO Representatives: Elliot Wainwright (, Daniel McClurkin (

Information: Launched in fall of 2018, this committee is comprised of PhD students and serves to provide guidance to the Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education, offering student perspectives on a variety of ongoing initiatives and issues relevant to PhD education at Johns Hopkins, including mentoring practices, professional development initiatives, communications to graduate students, and other policies.


PATH (Provost’s Advisory Team on Healthcare)

Relevant Topics: Health insurance, Healthcare

GRO Representatives: Lauren Mushro (, Benj Shapiro (

Information: The Provost’s Advisory Team on Healthcare (PATH) for Graduate Students and Postdocs is a working group of graduate student representatives, faculty members, and administrators that advises the Provost and President on improvements to health care benefits for Johns Hopkins University graduate students and postdocs. (Source:


Sexual Violence Advisory Committee

GRO Representatives: Lauren Mushro (

Information: Serves to provide graduate student input and advice to the provost on matters pertaining to education, training, and other preventive measures, reporting, policies and procedures, and community engagement relating to sexual violence on campus.


Student Advisory Security Committee

Relevant Topics: Security

GRO Representatives: Stephanie Saxton (

Information: This committee has representatives from all Hopkins campuses to discuss security and safety. We work with the Vice Provost and Head of Security.


Well-being Committee

Relevant Topics: Wellness

GRO Representatives: Benj Shapiro (, Parijat Banerjee (

Information: Wellness delegates (eg. from Counseling Center, Health and Wellness Center, Rec Center etc) from Homewood and Peabody campus meet every other Friday to discuss plans, events and initiatives to improve student wellbeing with the Dean of Student Life.

Parental Concerns Working Group

Relevant Topics: New child resources, parental support

GRO Representatives:Parijat Banerjee (

Other Contacts: Christine Kavanaugh (,

Information: Caters to the improvement of working and personal conditions, and thereby overall wellness of graduate parents.