• The GRO is funded through Student Affairs via the Office of the Dean of Student Life (DoSL).
  • This year we received funding for 153k$ in funds (+ maybe 10k$ rollover money, see below).
  • Last year GRO received in total 150k$ + 10k$ rollover money.
  • 30% of the money went into paying the executive board.
  • 60% went into events.
  • 10% went into funding student groups and student conference travel grants.

Persons in charge for financial affairs are Treasurer Esther Xu, and Co-chairs Ali Siddiqui and Michael Wilkinson

Why is the E-Board paid?

All of our EBoard members are graduate workers who do research and courses full time. We believe in paying workers for their hard work, and the workload of the GRO E-Board would be unrealisitc for grad workers to do purely as volunteers. The payment is based on fellowships that are calculated at approximately as $14/hour per expected workload hour. Many of our E-board members go above and beyond this workload expectation. You can find more information about these fellowships in our PDF Document: bylaws.

Rollover Money

Each year the GRO fundraises money via ticket sales that roll over into following years after all debts are settled. We are still unsure about the status for rollover money for this year as the Office of the Dean of Student Life is still processing this. We are hoping for ~$10k in rollover monies this year.