Graduate Representative Organization


Graduate Representative Organization

Dear fellow grads,

The GRO is holding its annual elections for positions on the Executive Board (E-Board) and we want YOU to run. Elections will be held in Mergenthaler 111 on April 24th at 6pm(Today).

Please nominate yourself or other graduate students for the E-Board positions listed below by emailing ahead of time or during the election. You do not need to have prior experience with the GRO to run. All full-time KSAS and WSE graduate students are potential candidates and invited to participate. Nominees should attend the election, give a short speech why and how they’re qualified, and be prepared to answer questions from the General Council.

Many current E-Board members are actually graduating and therefore, it is important that you run for positions. Without the participation of graduate students, the GRO won’t be able to hold social events, take care of administrative tasks, and support graduate student life on Homewood.

As an E-Board member, it is important that you can attend meetings every Monday from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. E-Board members are paid $10/hour for fulfilling duties outside of meetings towards their position, as stated below.

If you’ve got any questions, send an email to or contact the grad/s who is/are currently holding the position:

We are looking forward to your nominations.

Best wishes,


GRO Chair

Chair & Co-Chair

The Chair and Co-Chair of the GRO in cooperation shall:

  • Chair all General Council and Executive Board meetings of the GRO.
  • Serve as the primary liaisons between the GRO and University administration and all other University and non-University bodies or representatives.
  • Appoint representatives to those University committees and councils on which the GRO is entitled to a seat. The Chair and Co-Chair must keep abreast of all University committees and councils on which the GRO is entitled to a seat and assure that the seat is filled and that the GRO member filling that seat reports to the Executive Board.
  • Be responsible for seeing that the duties of all committees are carried out.
  • Prepare the second item of the agenda for General Council meetings. This shall be titled “The Executive Board Report.”
  • Be responsible for sending out the agenda of each General Council meeting at least three days prior to the meeting.
  • Maintain GRO documentation, such as the constitution and varying policy documents.
  • Shall prepare the annual budget with the assistance of the Treasure.
  • Be paid for no more than 500 hours each per academic year.


The Secretary of the GRO shall:

  • Be responsible for maintaining the records of GRO affairs, including but not limited to the minutes of all GRO meetings (General Council meetings, Executive Board meetings, and meetings between GRO members and University administrators).
  • Organize and facilitate the logistics of GRO meetings.
  • Take attendance at all GRO meetings.
  • Count the votes at all GRO meetings, except for regular elections.
  • Distribute announcements and information to members of the GRO.
  • Maintain and distribute to the General Council lists of all current Program or Department Representatives and Alternates as well as all committee chairs and members.
  • Be paid for no more than 100 hours per academic year.


The Treasurer of the GRO shall:

  • Facilitate all financial transactions of the GRO and maintain records of GRO financial accounts.
  • Submit to the Chair a listing of all Executive Board expenditures to be included in the Executive Board Report.
  • Facilitate all reimbursements and transfers of GRO funds to all individuals and groups per General Council or Executive Board approval.
  • Shall assist in the preparation of the annual budget with Chair and Co-Chair.
  • Be paid for no more than 150 hours per academic year.

Administration and Funding Chair

The Administration and Group Funding Chair shall:

  • Be responsible for chairing the funding committee.
  • Be responsible for keeping track of group funding and correspondence.
  • Be responsible for coordinating with the chairs, secretary and treasurer in administration of the GRO and e-mails.
  • Be paid no more than 50 hours per year.

Social Chairs (2)

The Social Chairs of the GRO shall:

  • Be responsible for the encouragement of interdepartmental community through coordination of all aspects of theGRO’s social programming. This includes, but is not restricted to, the Orientation BBQ, Coffee Hours, Happy Hours, bus trips, and wine tastings.
  • Have a budget within which to work.
  • Be paid for no more than 100 hours each per academic year.

Advocacy Chairs (2)

The Advocacy Chairs shall:

  • Handle student concerns and work to enrich student life in areas that include, but are not limited to housing, security, financial and environmental concerns.
  • Work with the Executive Board Members at Large to direct graduate student advocacy programs.
  • Meet with the deans along with the chairs at least once per semester to discuss graduate student concerns.
  • Be paid no more than 100 hours per year.

Health Concerns Chair

The Health Concerns Chair shall:

  • Be responsible to act as the graduate student representative on both the University Student Health Insurance Committee and the Student Health Advisor Committee.
  • Report on changes in the plan to the Executive Board and General Council, solicit opinions from the GRO on the health insurance plan, and act as a resource for students with questions regarding the health plan.
  • Be paid for no more than 25 hours per academic year.

Professional Development Chair

The Professional Development Chair shall:

  • Develop, in conjunction with the Homewood Career Center, programs that will enhance graduate professional development.
  • Be paid no more than 50 hours per year.

Communications Chair

The Communications Chair shall:

  • Be responsible for the compilation and dissemination of General Council minutes to the graduate student body.
  • Be responsible for the upkeep of information regarding the GRO through facilitating the maintenance of the GROwebsite and other online sources of information.
  • Oversee the JHU Portal website.
  • Be paid for no more than 25 hours per academic year.

GRO Guide To Living in Baltimore Chair

The GRO Guide Chair shall:

  • Be responsible for the oversight and managing of the editing and production of the GRO Guide To Living in Baltimore, which shall be updated and published in alternating years.
  • Be paid out of the GRO Guide budget (appr. 50 hours).

The GRO works hard to connect graduate students to the extensive Hopkins network. We do this by acting as liaisons between students and administration to advocate for graduate student needs and distribute information.

We also hold awesome advocacy and social events! Check out our Facebook page for more details.



Latest General Council meeting minutes (04/10/2017)

* Motion to approve; the motion passes
E-Board report (4/3/2017)
– Some budget items on track, some under; payroll is currently overdrawn
– Payment for hours not worked; some E-Board members haven’t been working full hours
– Financial concerns chair has volunteered to only take 7 of 25 hours
– Wellness chair hasn’t responded
– Former chair asked to only keep payments up to end of fall semester; hasn’t responded
– Should we switch to a payment system in which paid positions log hours instead of getting paid for a fixed number of hours?
– Q: Is it possible to split positions among different people? A: This has happened in the past, but that didn’t help.
– Q: Do positions get paid hourly or per semester? A: This is unclear and seems to vary from E-Board member to E-Board member.
– Q: Which would you prefer? A: It’s easier, budget-planning-wise, to pay people per-semester.
* Motion to table discussion of how positions should be paid until the next meeting; the motion passes

Meeting with Tiffany Sanchez (4/6/2017)
– Discussed fact that budget for next year needs to be written

Talk by P. Sainath
– Q: Is $6 per person the projected cost or the amount of money charged? A: The projected cost.
* Motion to fully fund; the motion passes

LGBTQA Networking Gathering
* Motion to fully fund; the motion passes

“Artyfacts” of Ethnography: Art and Anthropology in Conversation
– Q: Why are you projecting $300 dollars for refreshments for 60 people? A: It’s a long event.
* Motion to fully fund; the motion passes
– This subject was brought up last week at the GPSA luncheon; should we fund groups that are traveling to e.g. competitions? This isn’t exactly an event, but groups want to be able to get money this way.
– Q: What happens if the group has both undergrads and grads? A: We could have a restriction on the minimum percentage of graduate students.
– Q: Is there a way to have a GRO/SGA budget for groups with both undergrads and grads? A: We would need a voting process for this budget.
– Q: Could we just pay for just the graduate students? A: That would approach a travel grant.
– Group travel is not open to all students, and hence is not like the sort of events we usually fund.
– Q: Could we use the travel grant to fund extracurricular travel? A: That may conflict with the philosophy behind the grant.
– Q: Should we form a committee to come up with concrete recommendations for this sort of policy? A: Maybe later?
– Q: Should we have a separate non-academic travel grant budget and process?
– Since this sort of non-academic travel isn’t open to everyone, we shouldn’t fund it.
* Motion to, in principle, allow groups that are traveling to non-academic competitions to apply for funding; 23 in favor, the motion passes; we will form a committee to come up with concrete
Current positions:
– Diversity, intercampus, financial concerns, wellness
How are the current chairs working out?
– Diversity — working on lots of good initiatives
– Intercampus — very helpful for getting intercampus events organized; very appreciated by social chairs
What topics would you want the floating chairs to deal with next year?
– Diversity
– Intercampus
– Someone to deal with GRO legacy documents
– Financial concerns
– Wellness
– A second diversity chair
– The Johns Hopkins University has a new branding policy:
– Student groups can’t be named JHU X, has to be X at JHU
– Group recognition policy is getting more strict
– Grad groups have to re-register
– When should we do this? May 10th? After exams?
– We’ll discuss this in E-Board
Diversity chair:
– Meeting with Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion
– Re-launch of the Black Graduate Student Association, social events planned with Black Faculty Alliance, incoming grad students in fall
– Professional development event planned
– Re-starting the Diversity Fellows program; will cover 2-10 graduate students
– Having someone promote diversity-related events more thoroughly across different campuses
– Getting quotes/pictures for admissions brochures from people in the GRO
– Mentorship program for first-year underrepresented minority graduate students

Advocacy chairs:
– Is JHU a sanctuary campus?
– Asked whether JHU is planning to be a sanctuary campus; James Page is discussing this issue with James Page
– JHU has put out a statement in which it says it will do the various resources/protections required of sanctuary campus without calling itself a sanctuary campus
– Need to clarify how to practically get access to these resources/protections
– This will be done through an online form

For minutes from prior meetings, click here.

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