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Graduate Representative Organization

National Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation (GPSA) Week
GPSA week is dedicated to appreciating you and everything that you do.  To celebrate, the GRO will be holding a different fun event every day.  Please see the flyer attached for information on the week’s events and remember to bring an ID for any events with alcohol.
We look forward to seeing everyone throughout the week!

The GRO works hard to connect graduate students to the extensive Hopkins network. We do this by acting as liaisons between students and administration to advocate for graduate student needs and distribute information.

We also hold awesome advocacy and social events! Check out our Facebook page for more details.



Latest General Council meeting minutes (02/06/2017)

* Minutes approved


E-Board Report

Meetings with Dean Sanchez (01/03 and 01/17)
– Talked about:
– upcoming formal at end of February
– structure of the GRO

Meeting: Graduate Affairs (01/17)
Talked about:
– TAP report on Humanities Center
– Family leave plan still in works
– Survey on graduate life; results forthcoming

Admin & Funding Chair

GRO Guide Chair

* No nominations for either position
Chinese Lantern Festival
– Discussion:
– Are we on track budget wise? No; we won’t spend enough.
– This is your second funding request this academic year — are you planing a third funding request? No, this is our only request for this semester.
* Motion to fully fund (75% of $600); passes

Academics United – Resist the Immigration Ban
– Discussion:
– Where will the funds be going? Coffee; placards; flyers, posters advertising the event
– Where will you get the difference? Self-financing from among the organizers?
– Is this a partisan event or is about this specific issue? No involvement from any partisan groups.
– Given the fact that the ban is already on hold in federal court, what is the message? The hold is temporary; it’s unclear what will happen in the long run; administration is appealing the hold.
* Motion to fully fund (75% of $600); passes

Conversation with Scott King, Director of OIS (Office of International Services)
– Presentation:
– First concern — seeing who was inside the United States; weren’t able to check in with green card holders, mostly just visa holders; all visa holders who responded were in the US
– Will wait to comment on EO on work permission until it’s officially out
– Have held 5 informational meetings; well-attended
– Future is unclear; advising students to minimize travel
– There is now an EO FAQ on the OIS website
– Discussion:
– Q: What types of information on foreign students does the administration share with US Gov? A: Certain kinds of information we have to share in order to be allowed to admit students (long list of information; includes name, address, telephone, email). Don’t share class schedules, grades, nature of on-campus jobs. Strict protocols on release of information; anything that is requested on an individual basis goes through director of OIS; to get information on a broader population, would need a court order.
– Q: Do you foresee any issues with CVIS extensions? A: Nothing in the EO suggests this. Are issuing new I-20s.
– Q: Some peoples’ visas were revoked. How does that affect people who are in the US? A: Still unclear if this is happening and to what extent. Have heard that visas that did not physically pass through CBP hands are still in effect.
– Q: Have you gotten any impression that there are specific airports that are worth avoiding? A: Have heard Boston Logan is good; nothing too specific about other airports. Land crossings generally tend to be worse than airports.
– Q: What happens if ban is back in effect and someone needs to renew their visas? A: Visas are only necessary to *enter* the US. Time to stay inside US depends on I-20, which is separate.
– Q: What kind of issues would arise if you were a grad student who then wanted to do a post doc? A: Some students can get up to 3 year extensions; can change from J-1 to an H-1 or F-1. Changes to H-1 may be coming soon.

Discussion: What is the role of the GRO? (e.g. Shall the GRO do anything? If so: what? Possible GRO statement)
– These are our colleagues; we should support them, officially take a stance/release a public statement.
* Motion to form a subcommittee to draft this statement; motion withdrawn because co-chair is currently writing this statement
* Motion to have co-chair & E-Board draft and release a statement in support of students; motion passes
– The statement will be non-partisan
– Should we try to support the Academics United event more?
– If Academics United people agree, we can join up with them
* Motion to make the Academics United event a GRO advocacy event and allocate $175 to it; motion passes
– Some discussion of the 75% and $750 caps on funding requests
* Motion to add this to the agenda for next GC meeting; the motion passes
Some administration members would like to be more involved on the GC. This would involve:
– Four person E-Board
– A stronger advisory role for the (assistant) dean of student life, e.g. regularly sitting in on GC meetings
– The argument for this reorganization isn’t entirely clear; should we invite Assistant Dean Sanchez to present it?
* Straw poll on inviting: majority in favor
– Perhaps we should have an official vote on the suggested changes, leave the option of coming to a GC meeting up to Assistant Dean Sanchez
* Motion to invite Assistant Dean Sanchez to present a concise reorganization plan for the GRO; the motion passes by 21 in favor; 11 against

* Motion to adjourn; passes


For minutes from prior meetings, click here.

News & Announcements

  • GRO Spring 2017 Travel Grants (February 1, 2017 – April 30, 2017) : Deadline April 28, 2017

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