Off-Campus Merchants

The J-Card is conveniently accepted by the following off-campus merchants, with more to come!

MerchantLocationPhone Number
7-Eleven3003 N. Charles St.410-366-0618
Barnes and Noble3330 St. Paul St.410-662-5850
Chipotle3201 St. Paul St.410-837-1701
CVS Pharmacy3200 St. Paul St.410-243-1025
Hilo (at R House)301 W. 29th St.443-347-3570
Homeslyce3333 N. Charles St.
honeygrow3212 St. Paul St.443-243-0107
Hopkins Deli110 W. 39th St. 410-366-6603
Insomnia Cookies3301 N. Charles St.
Little Baby's Ice Cream (at R House)301 W. 29th St.443-347-3570
The Local Fry711 W. 40th St.
Maxie's Cafe3003 N. Charles St.410-880-1113
Molina (at R House)301 W. 29th St.443-347-3570
One World Cafe100 W. University Pkwy.410-235-5777
Orient Express3111 St. Paul St.410-889-0003
Parkway Theater5 W. North Ave,443-438-6144
PekoPeko Ramen7 E. 33rd St.
Pete's Grille3130 Greenmount Ave. 410-467-7698
Pizza Studio3201 St. Paul St.410-366-1896
Potbelly Sandwich Shop3201 St. Paul St.443-451-1106
Rite-Aid2700 Remington Ave.410-235-2128
Rite-Aid3133 Greenmount Ave.410-467-1412
Stall 11 (at R House)301 W. 29th St.443-347-3570
Subway3233 St. Paul St. 410-235-0050
T-Swirl Crepe3113 St. Paul St.410-814-0383
Towson Hot Bagel3208 St. Paul St.410-337-0006
University Market3201 St. Paul St.410-366-6630