Obtain a J-Card

The process for obtaining a J-Card varies between students, faculty and staff. Follow the steps below to obtain your J-Card.


Online students may request a non-photo J-Card be mailed to them, if they desire. Photo IDs must be picked up from the J-Card Office in person.

Incoming First-Year Students

One of the first steps in the New Student Portal is to upload a color picture of yourself so your J-Card can be ready when you arrive for move-in.

When taking or selecting your photo, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Passport and graduation photos are ideal.
  • Choose a plain, indoor background, as outside shots do not reproduce well on the card.
  • Only the image of your head, neck, and shoulders will be printed on your J-Card, so if your head takes up too small a portion of the picture, it will be difficult to reproduce for your card.
  • Do not wear sunglasses, hats, or hairstyles obscuring your eyes.

Once your photo has been uploaded, the J-Card Office will print your J-Card and deliver it to the Office of Housing and Dining Services, where it will be included in your Move-In/Key packet. If you have any trouble with the upload, please send an e-mail containing your JHED ID and attached picture to jcard@jhu.edu.

New Students in Part-Time Programs

If you are enrolled in a part-time program, please follow the links and/or instructions below for your program:

  • Advanced Academic Programs (Washington, D.C. campus)
  • Carey Business School
  • School of Advanced International Studies (Washington, D.C. campus)
    Cards are printed Monday – Friday, from 11am – 2pm.
    1740 Massachusetts Avenue NW
    Room N418
    Washington, DC 20036
    (202) 663-5666
  • Engineering for Professionals and all other Homewood Part-Time Programs
    Visit the J-Card Office, Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.
    3400 North Charles Street
    51 Garland Hall
    Baltimore, MD 21218

Full-Time ASEN Graduate Students

Log into the Graduate Student Portal, where you will be prompted to upload a photo. Additional information for newly admitted students is available on the ASEN website.

Faculty and Staff

All full-time, part-time, and casual faculty and staff are eligible to receive a J-Card, which serves as the official University identification card. Once you have your Hopkins ID number, please visit the J-Card Office in Garland 51 to obtain your J-Card.

On the Homewood campus, your J-Card can provide access to the Milton S. Eisenhower Library, parking facilities, and the Ralph S. O’Connor Recreation Center. You can also deposit J-Cash to your card and take advantage of the convenient, cashless way to pay for your purchases on campus or at participating off-campus merchants.

Other Hopkins Affiliates (Vendors, Contractors, Etc.)

Other Hopkins affiliates must obtain a sponsored JHED ID before they can receive a J-Card. Sponsored (“ad-hoc”) JHED IDs are requested through your Departmental JHED Administrator or HR representative and are granted at your department’s discretion. These IDs are valid for up to six months and can be extended if necessary.

A J-Card associated with a sponsored JHED ID comes with the same privileges as a Faculty and Staff card, and your department can use it to grant access to campus buildings and other spaces.

Once you have your sponsored JHED ID, please visit the J-Card office at Garland 51 to pick up your J-Card.