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J-Card door swipes and other related hardware can be installed on most doors around campus to restrict access and secure spaces according to each department’s needs.

Complete the form below and a member of the J-Card team will contact you to set up a walkthrough and discuss your requirements. Quotes are provided at no charge and with no obligation.

We are currently scheduling J-Card installations with 8-12 weeks lead time. Please make note of this timeline when requesting and planning for your J-Card installation.

A few practical considerations:

  • Doors need to be in good working condition (level, latching properly, etcetera). Any necessary repairs should be requested through JHFRE’s Carpentry and/or Lock Shop prior to the J-Card installation project.
  • Storeroom-style locks and hydraulic door closures are highly recommended to make the best use of the door access controls, although not always necessary.
  • Door release buttons can be installed to allow office staff to remotely release door locks for guests without J-Cards. For security reasons, these should only be placed in areas where staff can see the guest through the door or a side panel or via a video intercom.
  • Some doors, depending on location within the building and fire safety requirements, will require mag-locks and fire relays to be installed at an additional cost.