Event Spaces

The general capacity (lecture style) listed for spaces may be reduced based on the room configuration requested so the space may accommodate fewer than the general capacity listed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to someone on our team for assistance and to answer questions, 410-516-8209.

Barber Room60
Commons MPR30
East Room60
Commons Salon A70
Commons Salon B100
Commons Salon C130
Commons Banquet Room (Commons Salon A, B, & C)320
Glass Pavilion300
Great Hall110
Conference Room A16
Clipper Room100
Shriver Auditorium908
Shriver Boardroom24
Mason Board Room24
Mason Auditorium126
The Beach
Decker Quad
Decker Garden
Freshman Quad
Gazebo/BBQ Area
Hodson West Green
Keyser Quad
Wyman Quad

*All General Pool Classrooms should be reserved through the online Scheduling & Events site.

Outdoor Spaces

All outdoor spaces must be reserved and follow the same policies and procedures as indoor spaces. Outdoor space may be reserved on-line. Scheduling & Event Services will rent any tables, chairs, and most other equipment needed. It is the responsibility of the department to pay for any fees related to rentals, security, and facilities labor. The same general services provided by Scheduling & Event Services for indoor events are provided for outdoor events.

Events that require tents or grilling should be scheduled at least ten (10) business days in advance of the event. More time may be needed for larger events or events with tents requiring permits. The Special Events Coordinator listed on your confirmation form can help you with these services. The sponsoring organization accepts responsibility and assumes all risk. Tents, where permissible, must be approved by JHU facilities. If approved, these structures may not use stakes for anchoring, anchors such as water jugs or concrete blocks are acceptable. Please keep in mind that tents that are larger than 20×20 require city permits before they can be installed which can take extra time to secure.

Generally, light grilling is permissible on campus with approval from JHU facilities. Plywood must be placed underneath the grills and all hot coals and ashes disposed of in coal cans. Placement of grills must be coordinated via your assigned Scheduling & Events Special Event Coordinator. Cleanup is the responsibility of the organization or individual sponsoring the event. The event site must be left neat and free of trash and other debris each day. All tables, chairs, and/or structures must be dismantled and removed at the end of the event. All services (including working with JHU facilities) and equipment rentals for outdoor events will be coordinated through Scheduling & Event Services via your Special Events Coordinator listed on your confirmation form.

Please note: Kit Cat services can provide limited support for outdoor events. If they are unable to support your event, they will provide you with some external resources and it would be the departments responsibility to make those connections with the external vendors.

General Pool Classrooms

Other than when classes are in session, general pool classrooms may be requested and used for meetings, speakers, lectures, and other programming needs of an academic or non-academic nature. Classrooms are requested and confirmed through Scheduling & Events, but are assigned by the Office of the Registrar.

Meeting Rooms

The University is steeped in history and tradition while offering the very latest in meeting technology and services. Our meeting spaces range from small intimate groups of 10 to 1,000-person auditorium seating. Our goal is to provide the most appropriate facilities for groups who use our campus, and to ensure services provided by our departments are top quality. State of the art facilities, technology, and services are available for your perfect meeting venue.