Getting Started

A group of students look overhead to smile and wave enthusiastically.

Why Apply?

We want you to pursue what you’re passionate about. A Fulbright can take you to Malaysia for an experience of deep cultural immersion as you teach English, or to Brazil to pursue a research project. An NSF or Soros fellowship can support your graduate studies in the U.S. As a Truman Scholar, you enter a robust cohort of peers focused on service-oriented careers. Fellowship experiences deepen your passions.

Just as important as the outcome is what you learn as an applicant:

  • Build connections to faculty at Hopkins and elsewhere.
  • Clarify your goals.
  • Get an invigorating boost to your communication skills.

You might have an outstanding academic record, and naturally pursue campus-based activities and public service. We’ll help you articulate your achievements and ambitions in a compelling way — an essential skill for whatever your next step is.

Keeping an open mind is key: you might come in for one reason and discover more opportunities. We’ll help you see the big picture.

Hannah with fellow studentsI was attracted to an international fellowship because I had a craving for context — for myself, for my ideas — intellectual, yes, but also social, emotional. I wanted to break from the “standard academic track” if only to demonstrate to myself that no such thing exists. I wanted to be more mentally free. Hannah Joo, Churchill Scholarship

When Do You Start?

The sooner, the better! Applying for prestigious external fellowships is a serious time investment, so getting a timely start matters.

How Do You Start?

You can explore the various fellowships we advise students on. Johns Hopkins students have consistently won a generous share of these fellowships, and you can start by reading about their experiences. Or we invite you to join our listserv.

However you begin, your next step is to come in and start the conversation with us. To request a meeting, visit our contact page.