Arts Facilities

Performance and Rehearsal Locations

Arellano Theater

The Arellano Theater in Levering Union has approximately 140 seats. It is used for performances by student theatre and comedy groups.

Shriver Hall

Shriver Hall is the main auditorium for the Homewood Campus with 900 seats. The hall is used for Hopkins Symphony Orchestra, Shriver Hall Concert Series, films, concerts, multi-group a cappella concerts and dance performances.

Individual Music Practice Rooms

Individual practice rooms are located on the basement level of Shriver Hall. There are 8 individual practice rooms, seven with baby grand pianos, and one with an upright piano and drum set. Info and policies available here.

Shriver 28 Classroom

Shriver 28, a small rehearsal room, is on the basement floor of Shriver Hall in the practice room suite. It is used for Peabody at Homewood classes during the day and for a cappella and small group rehearsals on evenings and weekends. It appropriate for groups up to 20 people.

Bloomberg Hall, Schafler Auditorium

Schafler Auditorium and Bloomberg 272 are often used for a capella events.

Other Campus Arts Spaces

Center for Visual Arts

The Center for Visual Arts has three studios and gallery space at 10 E. North Avenue at the Centre Theater. Academic classes include Drawing, Painting, Photography, Art in Architecture, 3-D Design and more. For more information, visit the Center for Visual Arts website.

Digital Media Center

The Digital Media Center is near The Lab at 3003 N. Charles Street. It offers workshops for students and has high-end computers and studios for audio and visual media projects. For more information visit the Digital Media Center website.