Digital Media Center


Digital Media Center

The DMC is a multimedia lab space as well as an equipment, printing and knowledge resource for students interested in exploring creative uses of emerging media and technology to communicate their ideas.


In addition to our highly-skilled professional staff, the DMC is staffed by a cadre of 24 well-trained student staff who work with members at every level of their projects. The lab itself consists of 18 high-end dual-boot workstations with a full complement of commercial and professional-grade software for completing tasks related to audio, video, photography, graphics, animation, 3-D modeling and design, web-based and multimedia projects. We also provide specialized workspaces and equipment for professional audio recording and editing/mastering, high-demand gaming, simulation and modeling, and maker/hacker activities. We provide resale materials necessary for archival-grade photography and printing, as well as large-format and 3-D printing services.

The DMC is open to all full-time students enrolled in the Johns Hopkins University Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering. Make! Learn! Play!

Our Mission:

By promoting the use of emerging technologies in students’ scholarly and creative works, the Brown Foundation Digital Media Center prepares life-long learners to confidently master new technologies and to disseminate works that effectively communicate their ideas.

Upcoming Events

News & Announcements

  • Intersession BUILDCLASS – Build your own 3D Printer!

    Build your own 3D printer from the ground up! Ideal for individuals looking to both acquire a 3D printer and build a high-level skill set in 3D Printing. Participants will build their machine on day one and learn to use it for various applications on the following days. Suitable for both beginners and advanced users.  […]


  • StoryNest

    StoryNest, One More Thing… During Fall 2015 orientation the JHU Digital Media Center invited incoming freshman and their parents/guardians to pose for family portraits and share their stories, thoughts, and feelings about the transition to Hopkins. Everyone’s audio recordings were mixed together to create a soundscape serving as a shared reflection on the transition to college at Johns Hopkins […]


  • Research Remix

    The DMC is hosting the second iteration of Research Remix for the 2015-16 academic year.

    Researchers, artists, and designers throughout JHU are invited to share a brief summery of their work at Participating artists city-wide will choose a research project to remix (or interpret) into a new creative project. This is a great way to see research visualized in unexpected ways and to reach new audiences through the power of the image and associated programming.


  • Check out our free workshops for Fall 2015!

    Click here and use your JHED login to see our schedule of Fall 2015 workshops!  This link takes you to the DMC Workshops Wiki, which connects to the DMC Eventbrite tickets pages that will open 1 week before each workshop. All workshops are free and open to full-time students enrolled in the Schools of Engineering or Arts & Sciences.

  • HUB

    On diversity in design

    Graphic artist Jermaine Bell discusses art, representation, and cultural identity


  • HUB

    Blurring lines

    Baltimore artist, actor Carly Bales on what performance art, theater can learn from each other