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Digital Media Center

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The DMC is a multimedia lab space as well as an equipment, printing and knowledge resource for students interested in exploring creative uses of emerging media and technology to communicate their ideas.

In addition to our highly-skilled professional staff, the DMC is staffed by a cadre of 24 well-trained student staff who work with members at every level of their projects. The lab itself consists of 18 high-end dual-boot workstations with a full complement of commercial and professional-grade software for completing tasks related to audio, video, photography, graphics, animation, 3-D modeling and design, web-based and multimedia projects.

We also provide specialized workspaces and equipment for professional audio recording and editing/mastering, high-demand gaming, simulation and modeling, and maker/hacker activities. We provide resale materials necessary for archival-grade photography and printing, as well as large-format and 3-D printing services.


The DMC is open to all full-time students enrolled in the Johns Hopkins University Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering. Make! Learn! Play!

Our Mission

By promoting the use of emerging technologies in students’ scholarly and creative works, the Brown Foundation Digital Media Center prepares life-long learners to confidently master new technologies and to disseminate works that effectively communicate their ideas.

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News & Announcements

  • DMC Spring Workshops are Coming!

    All workshops and events are FREE and open to full-time students at Homewood. We will be using our new online reservation system, BookIt. Registration will open ONE week before scheduled workshop.

  • New Online Reservation System Coming Soon

    On January 9, 2017, the DMC will be switching to a new equipment check out system called ‘BookIt.” You now have the power to make your own reservations for equipment and lab resources through this system.

  • 3D Modeling and Animation with Blender

    Blender is one of the most popular and advanced 3D graphic software programs. It is free, open-source modeling software with a huge user-supported development community. Blender can be used for a variety of creative applications – art, animation, video games, special effects, 3d printing and more.   This workshop is an introduction to the basics of modeling, materials/textures, […]



    Amelia Voos and her team (Max Jarcho, Dan Matsumoto, Danielle Naassana, Bridget Chen, K.J. Burnett, TJ Jois, Irving Nestor, and Chris Wend) combined their efforts with technical support and artistic guidance from the DMC to create this interactive artwork which debuted at JHU’s 2016 Lighting of the Quads. Enlighten is an interactive space for creative […]


  • Member Profile: Benjamin Pierce & Kemi Oguntona

    Jamie and Kemi created a multimedia dance composition including live dance and video projections for the 2016 Temps d’Afrique annual dance showcase.  Their intention was to create a digital dance team. To get this effect, they combinined pre-recorded graphics and a live dancer whose careful choreography interacted with the graphics in a life-like way. Approaching […]


  • Member Profile: Michael Sun – PuzzleWorks

    For fun, DMC Member Michael Sun create are twisty puzzles, variants of the well-known Rubik’s Cube. Michael uses the Replicator 2x and our new 5th Gen Makerbot 3D printers as well as our vinyl cutter to try out his designs!