Member Profiles

Member Profile: Jeanne Lee

With help from DMC staff and the DMC’s Digital DaVinci Award, Jeanne Lee created the project “Blue Jay Emojis.” “Blue Jay Emojis” is a unique set of custom-made emojis and animated stickers tailored for the Johns Hopkins community, designed by the Johns Hopkins community.

Member Profile: Diana Hla

Diana Hla was inspired to create her own podcast, Exploring Health Equity, after taking the DMC’s Podcast Bootcamp intersession course.

Member Profile: Irving Nestor

Irving Nestor came from a Computer Engineering background but has always loved film and film making. He created Operation First Light through Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund in Film & Media. He wanted to create a fun and exciting short film that brought out the inner-child of his audience.

Sexual Assault Recovery in VR

LK’s project, is a 360 film about recovery and the emotional turmoil that comes with the trauma after surviving sexual assault. LK thought it extremely important to make her film in 360 Virtual Reality film format. Using this format, the viewer is no longer a passive observer, but instead becomes…
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Member Profile: John Rattray

John Rattray is creating a prototype for a low cost alternative to automated and remote controlled window blinds using 3D modeling, 3D printing, and smart phone application design. He hopes that this low cost alternative can be used to assist individuals with disabilities.

Member Profile: Danielle

As a Film and Media Studies and Writing Seminars major, Danielle has created many short films. Her most recent film “Nour” is about a young girl who feels self-conscious about wearing a hijab at her new school. In order to make this film Danielle was awarded the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund in…
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Member Profile: Stephanie Herrera

Using the DMC’s Graphics Enhanced Workstation, Stephanie Herrera creates cartoons for the JHU Newsletter. She is most known for her “punny” ghost cartoons featuring high quality graphics and cheeky wordplay.

Member Profile: Charlotte Johnson & Allie Rubenstein

Senior Spring is a web series about two friends navigating their last semester of college. As they stumble through dating, the job hunt, and other growing pains, they rely on their friendship to make it through the chaos.

Member Profile: Eric Chen – JHU Photography Forum

Johns Hopkins Photography Forum is a community of students interested in exploring the art of photography. JHPF organizes photography tutorials for students, curates exhibitions on campus, and offers photography services for students and faculty. Members of the forum document life on campus and around Baltimore. In 2015-16 member Eric Chen…
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Member Profile: Benjamin Pierce and Kemi Oguntona

Jamie and Kemi created a multimedia dance composition including live dance and video projections for the 2016 Temps d’Afrique annual dance showcase. Their intention was to create a digital dance team. To get this effect, they combined pre-recorded graphics and a live dancer whose careful choreography interacted with the graphics…
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