Member Profiles

Member Profile: Anna Soifer

Anna Soifer working on pottery

  Anna Soifer Class of 2017, Archeology Major

Nathan Towles and Evan Reynolds: Synesthesia Project

Nathan Towles DJ set with synethesia display installation

The goal of this project is to create an immersive, live, musical performance piece that provides the means to not only engage an audience’s auditory senses, in the traditional manner through the sounds, but also their visual senses through tightly-coupled, vibrant, visual displays. The design of Synesthesia was inspired by a combination

Member Profile: Sofia Diez, How Do You See Me Doc

Sofia Diez standing on "How Do You See Me" set in Mattin Center dance studio surrounded by DMC gear

    This Fall, JHU Sophomore Sofia Diez (Mechanical Engineering) shot and edited her first documentary, How Do You See Me. The short doc was immediately picked up by the 2014 Girls Impact the World Film Festival! Sofia shot interviews (on DMC’s BlackMagic 4K) with fellow Hopkins women about contemporary challenges

Member Profile: Frederic Vogt, Astronomical 3D Prints

Frederic Vogt hold 3d prints of galaxy graphs

  Frederic Vogt is a PhD student in Astrophysics at the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics of the Australian National University in Canberra researching the physics of star formation in interacting galaxies located in compact groups via optical integral field spectroscopy. Frederic spent Sept. 2013 – June 2014 at

Member Profile: Alvin Onyewuenyi, In the Studio

Alvin Onyewuenyi sitting at control station in DMC Audio Studio

  Alvin Onyewuenyi (Public Health ’14) is a frequent user of the DMC audio studio, and our resident expert when it comes to audio gear and music production. In this video, Alvin shares some thoughts about his time at the DMC and how he develops his beat-making and rapping alongside the

Member Profile: Yaz Holloway, Drawings, Comics, & Videos

Animation cell of female figure by Yasmine “Yaz” Holloway

Yasmine “Yaz” Holloway, Class of 2014, is a recent Film and Media Studies graduate and a very familiar face at the DMC. Skilled in a variety of media, Yasmine has completed projects involving video, studio drawing, cartooning, and graphic design. Her projects often leap between “analog” and “digital” — bringing

‘Behind the Bones’ Documentary

Portrait of Jessica Noviello, maker of "Behind the Bones" documentary

  Alongside all of her academic work, JHU student Jessica Noviello created a feature length documentary called Behind the Bones: The Status of Modern Paleontology Research in the United States. Watch the full movie here. Jessica tells more about the project: “It was filmed using a Sony Handycam HDR CX290 and

Isaach Majid: JHU Student and Filmmaker

Trial of Contrition by Isaach_Majid film banner featuring four photos of main actors

  In addition to being a full time student at JHU, Isaach Majid has also shot, promoted and screened a feature length film! Isaach worked at the DMC editing, making DVD cover art and burning disks. The title of his film is “The Quranicles: Trial of Contrition”. it wasn’t until

Stephanie Smith Animations

Frame from a Stephanie Smith animation of two line drawing figures look down

Stephanie Smith is entering graduate school in the fall at the University of Washington, studying biological sciences, specifically mammalian paleontology. She graduated from Johns Hopkins with a B.A. in biology in May, and worked at the Digital Media Center for four years. Mostly, though, she just likes to draw pictures

Unframed: Art of the Arab Spring

Cover of "Unframed - Art of the Arab Spring" speculative art exhibition catalogue

Art History major Bianca Biberaj designed the exhibition catalog for Unframed: Art of the Arab Spring. “In my Museums and Society class, Exhibiting the Global, our final project was to conceptualize and design our own exhibition on a topic of our choice. I wanted to choose a topic that had