The DMC offers a variety of workshops each semester selected from the master list below. Fall semester workshops are typically held from the middle of September to the week before Thanksgiving. Spring semester workshops are typically held from the first week of February to the week after spring break. Special events are sprinkled in throughout the academic year.

To see the current offerings of workshops and register for a seat, please check the DMC’s Hopkins Groups page. Registration will open ONE week before the scheduled workshop. JHU Faculty and Staff may attend workshops on a space-available basis. Please call our Front Desk at 410-516-3817 on the afternoon of the workshop to see if there is space available.

Workshops are taught by the DMC Professional staff Elena DeBold and Jason Charney. Events can be led by DMC student staff or special guest artists. Not all of the workshops listed below are offered every semester. Please contact the DMC if you would like to take a workshop that is not currently being offered.


Introduction to the Audio Studio

Learn to use the software and digital instruments in the audio studio to make high-quality recordings. This workshop authorizes you to reserve and use the studio in the future.

Audio Mixing and Mastering

Learn to mix and master music and video projects using EQ and compression to get clean, professional-quality recordings. Explore the creative use of effects and pitch correction plug-ins to enhance and improve your tracks.

Beats, Loops, and Sampling with Ableton Live

Make amazing music in any genre with Ableton Live. Integrate sampling, loops, and synthesizers in wild and wonderful ways. Explore a new interface with the Ableton Push controller.

Digital Music Production with Logic Pro

Compose awesome tracks and increase your skill by learning Apple Logic Pro. This workshop covers MIDI controllers, sampling, beatmaking and the amazing Logic Drummer tools.


Explore the huge range of software synthesizers and plug-ins available in the DMC’s Audio Studio. Learn different synthesis techniques and how to program your own sounds. You can emulate classic synth sounds, program acoustic modeled sounds, or create otherworldly sound effects!

Podcast Crash Course

Want to start a podcast? Learn creative ways to tell your story, use microphones, recording techniques, and mixing your show. Upload and distribution platforms will also be explained.

Electric Guitar Studio

Explore the huge range of electric guitar plug-ins available in the DMC’s Audio Studio. You can make awesome music in any genre and apply effects that emulate vintage amplifiers and pedals.


Creative Photoshop

Use Photoshop to creatively layer and collage images, photographs, and text. Learn new selection layer, and mask tools and become a power user.

Making Photos Pop with LightRoom

Learn how to make quick edits for professional-looking photos with Adobe Lightroom. Edit several photos at once using non-destructive edits and custom preset filters.

Logo Design using Illustrator

Learn to create resizable logos, posters and vector graphics with Illustrator. We’ll cover graphic design principles that will enhance your ability to communicate visually.

Flyer Design with InDesign

Design an eye-catching and easy-to-understand flyer advertising your awesome event. We will cover the fundamentals of graphic design, typography, layout and show you how to export for use online and in print.

Digital Tablet Drawing and Painting

Sketch your ideas and quickly turn them into beautiful pieces of art using the DMC’s digital tablets and easy-to-download software. Beginners and pros welcome.

Graphic Design for Research Posters using InDesign

Learn how to create an eye-catching and effective research poster with Adobe InDesign. Topics include basic design tips: color choices, layout, data visualization, spacing, and typography.

Info Viz: Make your Charts Sing!

Think outside the box with your data! In this brainstorming and hands-on workshop session, learn how to integrate contextual images into your excel charts.

Digital Marketing 101

Use Search Engine Optimization strategies, content marketing, online PR and marketing automation techniques to increase your following and drive traffic to your website or blog.


Equipment Authorizations

DSLR Basic Camera Group Authorization

Learn how to operate our basic DSLR cameras: Canon T5i, and Canon 70D so that you will be able to reserve a DSLR camera for future use.

DSLR Intermediate Camera Group Authorization

Learn how to operate DSLR cameras: Canon 6D and 7D so that you will be able to reserve a DSLR camera for future use. Prerequisite is basic camera authorization.

DSLR Advanced Camera Group Authorization

Learn how to operate advanced DSLR cameras: Canon 1D Mark IV so that you will be able to reserve a DSLR camera for future use. Prerequisite is basic and intermediate camera authorization.

Video Camera Group Authorization

Learn how to operate a full range of video cameras: Vixia, XA30, and Blackmagic so that you will be able to reserve a video camera for future use.

3D Printer Group Authorization

Learn how to operate the DMC’s two MakerBots so that you can reserve one for future use.

Vinyl Cutter Group Authorization

Learn how to operate the DMC vinyl cutter so that you will be able to reserve it for cutting shapes and patterns in colored vinyl decals.

Modeling and Animation


Motion Graphics with After Effects

Learn basic animation techniques with After Effects to make your own moving images, infographics, and title sequences.

Special Effects with After Effects

Add awesomeness to your video projects! Learn to create amazing motion graphics with After Effects and the Trapcode 3D plug-in suite. After Effects seamlessly blends 3D graphics, video, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files into unique hybrids that can be used as special effects for all types of projects.

Creative 3D Printing

Learn special techniques for 3D printing such as printing with rubber filaments, multi-color filaments, and dissolvable filaments to print complex objects to impress friends and family. This workshop introduces the excellent 3D slicer software Cura. No 3D printing experience is necessary (but might help).

Intro to 3D Modeling

Start making your own models and modifying existing models to create objects for animation, video projects, and 3D printing. Go under the hood with the amazing free softwares Meshmixer and Blender. Also, get a peek into the incredible sculpting software Z-Brush.

Valentine GIFS with Photoshop (February)

Create an animated Valentine using simple GIFs and Photoshop’s fun filters.


MAKE 3D printed Jewelry

Explore the new materials available at the DMC on our new Ultimaker3 printer. Create 3D printed objects that look like metal, wood, and flexible plastic.

Intro to Arduino

Learn how to set up and get busy with your own unique electronics project. This workshop introduces you to the Arduino hardware and software. We’ll cover prototyping circuits and enough coding to launch you into the wild Internet of Things!

MAKE A Contact Microphone

Contact mics pick up vibrations in objects they touch. Build one and listen to the Mattin Center, like you’ve never heard it before!

Bling Your Things

Design and cut shapes and patterns in colored vinyl decals for your water bottle, laptop or other smooth objects using Adobe Illustrator and our vinyl cutter!

MAKE Identity Buttons

Make 2-inch pin buttons using imagery that relates to your self-identity or promotes a point-of-view.

Temporary Tattoos

Find or design images that relate to your self-identity and print temporary tattoos and vinyl fingernail decals.

LED Valentine Cards (February)

Create a unique card for your sweetie! Combine traditional card-making with modern technology: create an LED illuminated paper card!

MAKE A Photo Halloween Mask (October)

Use PhotoBooth software to distort your face and use the image as the base of a personalized mask!


Video and Photo

Movie Making: Getting Started

Have an idea for a short video or documentary? Wondering where to start and what equipment to use? Learn about story development, planning, writing, storyboarding, and basic camera knowledge.

Movie Making: Production 101

Learn how to shoot video and get hands-on experience with our awesome equipment. Take your shoot to the next level with dollies, rigs, and advanced lighting using gear at the DMC!

Movie Making: Editing Basics

This workshop will get you started editing video in Adobe Premiere. You’ll learn about cutting, transitions, and working with multiple audio tracks.

Movie Making: Advanced Editing

Take your video to the next level with Adobe Premiere’s advanced editing techniques. You’ll learn color correction, titles, and transition effects. The last part of the workshop will be based on the needs and interests of the group so come with questions!

Lighting for Video & Photo

We’ll go over basic lighting set-ups for documentaries short films, portrait photography plus techniques for creating mood, color, and lighting effects.

Photography Crash Course

Lenses, accessories, depth of field, RAW—find out how to take your camera off the auto setting and become a better photographer.

Video Green Screen

Want to shoot a movie on the moon or in Paris, but don’t have the budget? No problem. Shoot your actors in front of our green screen and composite anywhere in the universe. We’ll cover set up and compositing in post-production

Virtual Reality for Video

Learn the basics of how to make a VR video from start to finish. You will get hands-on experience using our GoPro Fusion camera as well as our lab computers to learn how to process the footage.

Live Sound for Video

Learn to capture high-quality location recordings for narrative and documentary video. We’ll cover planning, recording and editing equipment and techniques.

Sound in Video

Learn to integrate Adobe Audition into Premiere Pro video projects to fix common problems such as noise reduction, mic buzz, and ambient sound interference. Post-production topics such as music and foley will also be introduced.

Web and Programming

Code-Free Web Design with WordPress

Quickly and easily set up and customize your website using free, high-quality themes and code-free content management systems such as WordPress.

User Experience Design for Mobile Apps

Understand how users think by creating personas and receiving feedback on your prototypes. Learn the different features available for mobile app design and use them to create natural user experiences for your apps.