Printing and Other Services

The DMC offers a variety of self-service printing and imaging tools, from photo and document printing to 3D printing and vinyl cutting. We also provide an assisted printing service for large-format posters and documents, all at a reduced cost.

For authorization and training on printing at the DMC, please check in with the front desk or email us at [email protected]. For reservations, please visit our booking website Bookit: For pricing on all DMC printing service materials, read below.

Photo Paper Printing

5 x 7" Postcard - GlossySheet$2.00
8.5 x 11" - GlossySheet$2.50
8.5 x 11" - MatteSheet$3.00
8.5 x 11" - LusterSheet$3.00
11 x 17" - GlossySheet$5.00
11 x 17" - MatteSheet$7.00
11 x 17" - LusterSheet$7.00
17 x 22" - GlossySheet$8.00
17 x 22" - MatteSheet$10.00
17 x 22" - LusterSheet$10.00
13 x 19" - LusterSheet$8.00
The DMC has small and medium-format inkjet printers: the Canon Pro-1000 for quick and easy ‘plug-and-play’ printing and the Epson Stylus Pro 5000, which can create archival quality prints up to 17″ x 22″.

The DMC stocks standard matte and glossy papers; you may bring your own paper and pay only for ink costs.

Poster & Vinyl Roll Printing

Glossy Paperroll inch$1.75
Luster Paperroll inch$1.75
Matte Paperroll inch$2.00
Vinyl Bannerroll inch$2.25
24" vinyl (for Roland vinyl cutter)roll inch$2.00
12" x 12" vinyl sheets (for Cricut)12" x 12" sheet$1.50
6" transfer taperoll foot$0.25
12" transfer taperoll foot$0.50
At the heart of the DMC's DIY print station are two large format printers; the Epson P9880, stocked with matte paper, and the Epson P9000, fitted with glossy & luster papers. Posters can be a maximum of 44 inches wide (you pay per vertical inch) and be cut to size using our cutting table. Additionally, we have digitally controlled vinyl-cutting tools for making your own custom stickers, decals, and anything else that can attach to flat, nonporous surfaces!

3D Printing

DMC-Provided FilamentPrinting Hour$1.50/hr
Design and print your own smartphone case! Ornaments! Jewelry! Prototype your widget! The DMC has two Prusa i3 MK3S printers, each with a wide variety of materials that we provide.

Laser Printing

8.5 x 11" - B&W, Single SidedPage$0.07
8.5 x 11" - B&W, Double SidedPage$0.07
8.5 x 11" - Color, Single SidedPage$0.20
8.5 x 11" - Color, Double SidedPage$0.40
11 x 17" - B&W, Single SidedPage$0.16
11 x 17" - B&W, Double SidedPage$0.32
11 x 17" - Color, Single SidedPage$0.45
11 x 17" - Color, Double SidedPage$0.90

The DMC offers color and black-and-white laser printers for standard letter and tabloid-size document printing. We use the same print management system (Pharaohs) and pricing as the libraries and computer labs on the Homewood campus.

Buttons & Grommet Sets

7/8" Buttons - 1 setSet$0.50
7/8" Buttons - 10 packPack$4.00
7/8" Buttons - 25 packPack$8.00
7/8" Buttons - 50 packPack$12.50
7/8" Buttons - 100 packPack$20.00
1.25" Buttons - 1 setSet$0.75
1.25" Buttons - 10 packPack$5.50
1.25" Buttons - 25 packPack$9.50
1.25" Buttons - 50 packPack$15.00
1.25" Buttons - 100 packPack$30.00
2" Buttons - 1 setSet$1.00
2" Buttons - 10 packPack$7.00
2" Buttons - 25 packPack$15.00
2" Buttons - 50 packPack$25.00
2" Buttons - 100 packPack$40.00
Grommets/Washers - Size 0 (1/4" diameter)Set of 4$2.00
Grommets/Washers - Size 2 (3/8" diameter)Set of 4$2.50
Grommets/Washers - Size 4 (1/2" diameter)Set of 4$3.00
Multiple sizes of buttons and grommets can be purchased and used with the DMC button makers and grommet press. Using these tools, students can produce buttons of various sizes printed on regular or specialty papers with designs of their making or choosing! Our grommet press is a valuable tool for students working with fabric or vinyl, but there are countless possibilities for this useful reinforcement technique.

Specialty Media

Sewing Pattern PaperRoll Inch$0.10
Tattoo PaperSheet set (print and transfer paper)$8.00
Sticker PaperSheet$2.00
Fabric Transfer PaperSheet$2.50
Lamination Sheets 8.5 x 11"Sheet$0.50
Lamination Sheets 11 x 17"Sheet$0.75
Instax Mini FilmPack - 10 shots$10.00
Polaroid FilmPack - 8 shots$15.00
Temporary tattoos, stickers, & more! If not listed here, chances are we can probably get it for your creative media needs.