Digital Media Center


Digital Media Center

The DMC is a multimedia lab space as well as an equipment, printing and knowledge resource for students interested in exploring creative uses of emerging media and technology to communicate their ideas.

In addition to our highly-skilled professional staff, the DMC is staffed by a cadre of well-trained student employees who work with members at every level of their projects. The lab itself consists of 18 high-end dual-boot workstations with a full complement of commercial and professional-grade software for completing tasks related to audio, video, photography, graphics, animation, 3-D modeling and design, web-based and multimedia projects.

We also provide specialized workspaces and equipment for professional audio recording and editing/mastering, high-demand gaming, simulation and modeling, and maker/hacker activities. We provide resale materials necessary for archival-grade photography and printing, as well as large-format and 3-D printing.

The DMC is open to all full-time students enrolled in the Johns Hopkins University Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering. Make! Learn! Play!

Our Mission

By promoting the use of emerging technologies in students’ scholarly and creative works, the Brown Foundation Digital Media Center prepares life-long learners to confidently master new technologies and to disseminate works that effectively communicate their ideas.

News & Announcements

  • ProStaff One on Ones

    Need help with a project? Sign up for a one on one with our professional staff.


  • Member Profile: Jeanne Lee

    With help from DMC staff and the DMC’s Digital DaVinci Award, Jeanne Lee created the project “Blue Jay Emojis.” “Blue Jay Emojis” is a unique set of custom-made emojis and animated stickers tailored for the Johns Hopkins community, designed by the Johns Hopkins community.


  • Member Profile: Diana Hla

    Diana Hla was inspired to create her own podcast, Exploring Health Equity, after taking the DMC’s Podcast Bootcamp intersession course.


  • During the JHU Center for Visual Arts’ 2019 Annual Student Exhibition, Mecca McDonald projected curated digital works from the JHU community.


  • Member Profile: Irving Nestor

    Irving Nestor came from a Computer Engineering background but has always loved film and film making. He created Operation First Light through Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund in Film & Media. He wanted to create a fun and exciting short film that brought out the inner-child of his audience.


  • ConnexUs

    ConnexUs is an interactive light sculpture introduced to the JHU campus community at the 2018 Lighting of the Quad festival. Want to use it at your next event? Just contact us!