Our spaces feature top of the line software and equipment for a variety of uses. See more information about our spaces below.

Computer Lab

At the heart of the DMC is our Computer Lab featuring 18 top-of-the-line work stations. In addition to offering Adobe Creative Cloud on all of our computers, we also offer specialized stations for scanning, inkjet printing, audio editing, video editing, 3D design and gaming.

Audio Studio

Record your next viral hit song in the DMC Audio Studio! The studio is equipped with a synthesizer, drum kit, mixing station, podcasting station and a full suite of production software. Combine all this with any of our circulating audio hardware to create your masterpiece!


The DMC MakerSpace is a creativity lab for projects utilizing new and emerging technologies, time-honored tools and techniques, and traditional handicrafts. The MakerSpace provides a workspace, tools and other resources for planning and building projects combining technology and the arts; for example, physical sculptures that incorporate video or sound, multimedia creations, or projects that use electronic elements.


The DMC MakerSpace is available to full-time undergraduate and graduate students in Arts and Sciences and Engineering. A larger maker space, managed by Whiting School Manufacturing and open to all JHU affiliates, is located in the Wyman Park building. Contact Richard Mejia <> for more information.

Game Lounge

Stay and Play in the officially awesome DMC Game Lounge! Seven PC gaming stations, an ‘indie’ gaming station and an XBox One on a huge flatscreen are located on the 2nd floor Offit Building lobby for you and friends to play at all hours. For DMC members, a Vive virtual reality station is available in our MakerSpace.

20150728 DMC gaming lounge 02