Become a Member!

In order to reserve and borrow equipment FOR FREE at the DMC you must first:

  1. Be a full-time student enrolled in the Whiting School of Engineering, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences, or Peabody Institute
  2. Come to the DMC whenever we are open! Our hours and new location at 3003 N Charles Street are listed on the front page of our website.
  3. Watch the New Member Video at the DMC and learn how to best take advantage of all the resources the DMC has to offer.
  4. After watching the New Member Video you will sign the DMC Member Agreement (digitally or scan it in) in order to become a member and use our resources.
  5. Email the signed Member Agreement form to We will send you a confirmation that we received the signed contract and you can go ahead and sign into out booking system, BookIt.
  6. Once you’ve become a member by completing steps 1-4, you can then use our online reservation system to make reservations for equipment and resources!
  7. For detailed instructions on using our online reservation system, please use your JHED to log into our Knowledge Base and read our guide to making reservations.
  8. Join us on HopkinsGroups to learn about our upcoming events, workshops, and programming!
  9. Join us on Discord to access our virtual Front Desk where you can ask questions without even stepping foot into the DMC!
  10. Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram – @dmcjhu if you want to stay up to date on all things DMC! (No pressure if you don’t want to!)

In addition, you may call the DMC during our hours of operation at 410-516-3817 or contact us by email at