Audio Studio

Students creating music in the Audio Studio

Record your next viral hit song in the DMC Audio Studio! This acoustically-treated studio is equipped with professional monitor speakers, a full-size digital piano with weighted keys, digital synthesizer, MIDI control surface, and digital drumset. Combined with the circulating audio gear offered by the DMC, you can set up mics, instruments, turntables—whatever you need to produce and mix your project.

For a full list of audio equipment, please check the Equipment Page.

The studio is relatively sound-proof and is a great place to record voiceovers, vocals, instruments, or sound effects. Use of the studio requires authorization by trained DMC staff members. Check the schedule of upcoming workshops or contact the DMC for one-on-one training to become authorized.

Check out the Audio Studio reservation page on BookIt for a complete listing of the studio’s hardware and software.

Have suggestions for new software or hardware? Let us know!

Visit the DMC Help Nodefor additional Audio Guides.

Student mixing music in the Audio Studio

Student using the electronic drums