print design

Origami Cosmic Web

Three individuals on the Origami Cosmic Web team talk while examining folded tracing paper

In the current, observationally successful picture of how the Universe developed, there is an origami analogy that is helpful in understanding the formation of the “cosmic web” arrangement of galaxies. The cosmic web is the cellular, foam-like arrangement of galaxies in the Universe; they line the edges of vast voids.

Roots of American Innovation

Two students work on "Roots of American Innovation" digital prints in the DMC

The JHU chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, HOMES, created a museum display for Black History Month. They used the DMC’s printing and print cutting resources for their project.

Undead Bodies and Pleasure

Detail view of spread from hand made book, "Undead Bodies and Pleasure"

Hannah Cohen created a unique book for the Artist in the Museum: Book Making class with Phyllis Berger. Hannah worked with staff at the DMC to get her custom large format print run on unusual handmade paper.