Carly Bales Performance Artist Talk

Carly Bales head shot

  The DMC Salon Series Presents Carly Bales Performance Artist Talk Thursday, October 29, 2015, 5-7pm The Johns Hopkins University Digital Media Center and Homewood Arts Program present an artist talk by Baltimore-based performer, director and curator Carly Bales. Bales will speak about explorations of the feminine, the grotesque, beauty, horror, humor,

Michelle Ivette Gomez Community Curator Talk

Curator Michelle Gomez talks with neighbors during Devociones y Fe neighborhood walk

The DMC Salon Series presents Michelle Ivette Gomez Community Curator Talk Thursday, October 1, 2015, 5-7pm The JHU Digital Media Center and Office of Multicultural Affairs present a talk by curator, artist and organizer Michelle Ivette Gomez. Learn how Gomez collaborates with underrepresented audiences and artists to create exhibitions about community, social issues, cultural

Origami Cosmic Web

Three individuals on the Origami Cosmic Web team talk while examining folded tracing paper

In the current, observationally successful picture of how the Universe developed, there is an origami analogy that is helpful in understanding the formation of the “cosmic web” arrangement of galaxies. The cosmic web is the cellular, foam-like arrangement of galaxies in the Universe; they line the edges of vast voids.

Gingerbread Bromo Seltzer Tower

Detail view of the "Gingerbread Bromo Seltzer Tower" bird on base with candy canes created at the DMC

JHU students created a Baltimore-themed gingerbread house based on the iconic Bromo Seltzer Tower. The DMC’s 3-D printer was used to create the top of the tower, and the ice cream cone trees were lit from the inside with LEDs. An Arduino motorized fondant Raven skated on a mirrored pond