Sexual Assault Recovery in VR

Leila - stock Images of War 1

LK’s project, is a 360 film about recovery and the emotional turmoil that comes with the trauma after surviving sexual assault. LK thought it extremely important to make her film in 360 Virtual Reality film format. Using this format, the viewer is no longer a passive observer, but instead becomes a part of the scene. Being encompassed by the 360-degree scenes can cause the brain to recount the film like a memory rather than a voyeuristic experience. Some believe that 360-degree films can elicit more empathy for those in the film.

The DMC was able to provide her (and others who want to make 360 films) with a 360 camera kit. LK was able to edit and stitch the film together using the DMC’s advanced video station. She demoed the film using the DMC’s Vive VR Headset. In addition to equipment, the DMC also provided LK with one-on-one mentorship and assistance for all aspects of her film. Currently, LK is shopping her film to different experimental film festivals.

LK graduated Spring 2018 with a degree in computer science and Woman, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

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