Blue Jay Off-Campus Housing Commitment Program

The Off-Campus Housing Office has created a program with select commercial residential communities that are proximate to campus and have committed to providing enhanced security and a more collaborative off-campus living experience for students. Through this enhanced relationship, the Off-Campus Housing Office will have a better pulse on student satisfaction and wellness while living within our member communities. Students will benefit from targeted programming and a greater connection to resources on the Homewood campus. This program is designed for those residential communities closest to the Homewood Campus that have a high concentration of undergraduate students.

Current Members

  • The Academy
  • The Charles
  • The Marylander
  • Nine East 33rd


What are the commitment requirements for commercial residential communities to participate?

In order to participate in the program, communities must be located within one mile from the center of the Johns Hopkins University, Homewood campus, have a building capacity of 50 or more, and be able to measure student occupancy. As a member, each community must commit to the following program requirements:

  • 24/7 access-controlled entrances; cameras with video surveillance on all exterior access doors.
  • Daily late-night security desk staff until 4:00am.
  • Require written consent from each JHU student authorizing disclosure of their name and address to JHU.
  • Submit quarterly occupancy reports to JHU (student vs. overall) and resident list (JHU only).
  • Building access for Campus Safety and Security for emergencies.
  • Participation in a JHU Security Orientation Meeting offered by JHU Campus Safety and Security for building security staff and management.
  • Maintenance protocols and/or staff in place to provide 24 to 48-hour response time for repair requests along with emergency support.
  • Adherence to all applicable building codes, state and federal housing laws.
  • There is no cost for membership. Participation in this program is 100% voluntary

What happens when a community does not adhere to program commitments?

The Off-Campus Housing Office will make every effort to work with each community to ensure adherence to program commitments throughout the membership year. However, if a community is not able to maintain program commitments, they will be removed from the program and/or not renewed for the upcoming year.

Are students being required to live in one of these communities? Will I have to sign my lease with Hopkins?

No. These communities are not owned or controlled by the Johns Hopkins University. Leases for these communities are between the student and the owner. The Off-Campus Housing Office will continue to encourage students to find off-campus housing that best suit their needs and wants. Students renting an apartment, regardless of membership status with our program, are strongly encouraged to visit/tour the community thoroughly and carefully to ensure they are selecting a community that works for them. Lease agreements are legal and binding and the Johns Hopkins University has no responsibility for, or legal jurisdiction over, such lease agreements. It is highly encouraged for all students to read their lease agreement carefully and fully understand their rights and responsibilities prior to signing.

If a community is not a member of this program, does that mean something is wrong with that building?

With over 24 commercial residential communities surrounding the Homewood Campus, there is an abundance of adequate housing options for students to choose from. Choosing a place to live is a very personal decision rooted within the needs and wants of an individual. Our program is designed to highlight some of these communities that house a majority of undergraduate students and offer additional safety and security features that are similar to those in University Housing. This program is not meant to distinguish member communities as “better than” or “preferred over” other communities not a part of the program, but only to highlight the commitments that the member communities have made.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with one of the member communities?

First contact the community representative in accordance with the terms of your lease and their stated procedures. If unresolved or if you feel that at any time you need additional support, contact the Off-Campus Housing Office at 410-516-7961 or

What if I am having an issue with a property that isn’t a member?

The Off-Campus Housing Office is a resource for all students regardless of where they live. If you or someone you know is having a problem or concerns regarding their off-campus home or apartment, first contact the community representative in accordance with the terms of your lease and their stated procedures. If unresolved or if you feel that at any time you need additional support, please contact the Off-Campus Housing Office at 410-516-7961 or