Disciplinary Procedures

All Johns Hopkins University students are required to abide by the Student Conduct Code. A specific section of this code (R) refers to behavior while off campus and reads as follows:

“Students are expected to refrain from conduct… that disturbs the peace or impinges on the rights of residents of neighborhoods where students reside, including, but not limited to loud parties or excessive noise, shouting or talking that unreasonably disturbs other students or community members; public urination; drinking in public; littering or not disposing of trash appropriately; failure to reasonably maintain yard or premises.”

If the Student/Community Liaison is called to investigate violations of this section, he will respond in order to evaluate the situation. If a problem is found to exist, the Liaison will then meet with any students who might be responsible for the violation and discuss options for immediately alleviating the problem. If the issue can be resolved without any further difficulties, the individual or group will be issued a warning.

If the Liaison or any other campus official is required to return to a location already visited on the same shift and the same or similar problem has reoccurred, the Liaison will shut the party down and refer the individual or group to the Associate Dean for Student Conduct for disciplinary action. Refer to the Student Code of Conduct for further information.