If you own a car, you have probably already noticed how difficult it is to find a legal parking space. For the most part, there are very few unrestricted or free parking spaces in Baltimore. Most of the streets around our campus require the use of a residential parking permit, a fee to park, or are restricted to how long and during what times (and sometimes what days) you can park there. There are rush hours days, street sweeping days, and even weather emergency days to worry about. Fail to notice a restriction and you can end up with a hefty ticket, a boot on your car, or worse—no car at all! There are some ways to reduce the hassle and avoid getting a ticket or getting towed:

  • Consider leaving your car back home. Ask yourself if you really use your car here enough to warrant all the trouble. Consider using a Zipcar for the times you actually need to go somewhere.
  • Pay to park in a university garage.
  • If you rent a rowhome or in some cases an apartment in an apartment building, consider getting a residential parking permit. The annual cost is minimal (currently $20) and will allow you to park legally in certain zones around your house.

Baltimore City Residential Parking Permits

Not all addresses in the areas surrounding Johns Hopkins qualify for a residential parking permit. For the most part, you may not get an RPP if you live in any dormitory or large multi-unit building. Most smaller apartment buildings and single family or rowhomes do qualify for an RPP. To find out if your address qualifies for a RPP, call the Parking Authority of Baltimore City at 443-573-2800.

Residential parking permits currently cost $20 per year. Area 12 RPPs are valid from November 1 through October 31 of each year. There is no pro-rating for a permit. If you buy your permit in August, you will have to buy a new permit in October.

Obtaining a Residential Parking Permit

If your vehicle is registered in your name, in the state of Maryland, and to your current address: Take your registration card, your driver’s license and proof of residency (see below) to the Parking Authority of Baltimore City, located at 200 W. Lombard St. Suite B, Baltimore, Maryland, 21201, to purchase your permit.

If your vehicle is not registered in your name and/or has out of state tags: You need to follow the these steps:

Step One

Is your vehicle registered in your name? If so, proceed to step two. If your vehicle is registered in someone else’s name, the person to whom the vehicle is registered must provide you with a signed and notarized letter stating that you have permission to use the vehicle. The letter should include the following: make, model, year and vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle. It should include the full name of the person to whom the car is registered and your full name. Proceed to step two.

Step Two

Is your vehicle registered in the state of Maryland (do you currently have Maryland license plates)? If so, please proceed to step three. If not (i.e. your vehicle has out of state tags), you must get a non-resident permit from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. To do so, you will need the following:

  • The current registration paper for the vehicle
  • The name of the insurance company AND the current insurance policy number
  • The complete address of where you are living in Maryland including zip code
  • Your current school identification (your J-Card).
  • You may need to show a copy of the notarized letter from step #1 if the vehicle is not in your name.

The closest MVA branch is located at 5425 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215. Ask for and fill out PDF Document: form VR-111. Please note that non-resident permits cost $27 per year. Once you receive your sticker, you must affix it properly to your windshield. Be certain to keep your copy of the approved VR-111 application, as you need this to get a parking permit! Proceed to step #3.

Step Three

Go to the Parking Authority of Baltimore City, located at 200 W. Lombard St. Suite B, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. Bring with you your J-Card, your approved VR-111 (if you needed one) and required proof of residency.

The following documents are accepted as proof of residency:

  • A current lease (month-to-month or automatic renewal leases require additional documentation, such as a current house phone bill, utility bill, or cable bill)
  • Settlement papers (less than 30 days old)
  • Landlord’s notarized statement
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Driver’s license
  • MVA NRP application processed receipt
  • MVA identification card
  • Current house phone bill
  • Utility bill or cable bill (less than 30 days old showing applicant’s name and address)

All letters to the Parking Authority must be notarized. Verbal confirmation cannot be accepted. Permit requests are not processed through the mail. All information must be presented at the time of each request for a permit.


You are a student driving a car registered in your father’s name and displaying NJ license plates. You need the notarized letter (step one) from your father (the registered owner) giving you permission to use the vehicle while in Maryland. You need your copy of your completed and approved non-resident permit form VR-111 from the Maryland MVA (step two). You also need one of the following:

  • a copy of your current lease OR
  • a notarized statement from your landlord OR
  • a current utility, cable or land line phone bill (not your cell phone bill) that is in your name.

You will need your J-Card and your driver’s license.

Have Questions?

Please contact the Parking Authority of Baltimore City at 443-573-2800.