Upperclass & Graduate Meal Plans

Upperclass and Graduate Blue Jays living off-campus can select from the following meal plans:

  • 10 Meals per Week + $500 Dining Dollars (Cost: $2,757 per semester)
  • Block of 80 Meals + $400 Dining Dollars (Cost: $1,578 per semester)
  • $1,500 Dining Dollars (Cost: $1,861 per semester)

Please visit the StarRez Housing Portal to add your desired meal plan. *Graduate students may need to reach out to our office if they are having trouble logging into the portal.

Fresh Food Cafe and Nolan’s are only accessible to students on meal plans, but if you don’t enroll in a meal plan you are welcome to visit the Charles Street Market, Crepe Studio (located inside the Charles Street Market), Levering Kitchens and Levering Cafe using JCash, Credit and Debit.