Graham Browning

Sustainability Manager

Graham joined the Hopkins Dining team in June 2022 and is responsible for all things sustainability when it comes to food and dining. This includes sourcing sustainable ingredients, implementing an environmentally conscious to-go program, creating partnerships across local and national sustainable food systems, helping create sustainable best practices within our program, partnering with the Office of Sustainability and other stakeholders to make sure we all do the “right things,” and so much more. She especially loves when she can partner with passionate students to implement creative sustainable solutions within the complex system that is university dining. She earned her degree in Health Sciences and Environmental Sciences from Furman University and then went to Washington D.C. for an internship working with a non-profit focusing on food security and healthy food policy. After finishing her internship, received her Master’s of Science in

Industrial Ecology. Graham believes that systemic sustainable changes can be made with little steps. We cannot let perfection become the enemy of good – truly sustainable development must happen one step at a time in order to be maintained. Nothing is impossible, it just takes time. Graham’s favorite part about the Hopkins Dining program is discovering new sustainable ingredients and partnering with local food producers. Her favorite menu item is the Cuban mashed sweet potatoes from the partnership Hopkins Dining has with Strong Roots 9.

Outside of her role in Hopkins Dining, Graham is a member of the Peabody Conservatory Choir (she originally went to university for vocal performance), which has been such a wonderful experience. She’s a fairly active person, who enjoys boxing which she has been training at for 7 years. She also practices mixed media art and photography and participates in art meetups with women from across the globe through a collective called Get Messy.