Naimah Potts

Sanitation and Safety Manager

Naimah has been a member of the Hopkins Dining Team since April 2022, working behind the scenes to implement safe food handling practices and establish positive staff occupational safety procedures throughout our program. Before joining our team, she worked within the food safety industry for 14 plus years in various roles including healthcare food safety, grocery/ retail chain food safety, regulatory food safety & campus food safety. She’s excited to share my experience and training with Johns Hopkins University.

Naimah’s favorite part of the Hopkins Dining Program is working within the Culinary Innovation team to collaborate on new ideas for the program. Her favorite menu items on campus are the taco salad and the guacamole & chips at Levering Taco Kitchen.

When not working hard on campus, Naimah enjoys spending time traveling with her family and friends. If you have any food safety or occupational safety concerns, she can be reached at